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Flash of the Titans! (ダイマックスバトル!最強(さいきょう)王者(おうじゃ)ダンデ!!, Daimakkusu Batoru! Saikyou Ouja Dande!, Dynamax Battle! Leon, The Greatest Monarch!!) is the 12th episode of Pokémon Journeys: The Series.


Professor Cerise has given Ash and Goh tickets to the finals of the "World Coronation Series", the tournament that decides the best Pokémon Trainer in the world. The two of them set off to the Galar region, where the stadium is located, to see this match with their own eyes. The finals is between Lance, the winner of the Elite Four Cup in the Kanto region, and Leon, whose undefeated record in the Galar region keeps growing. Just how skilled is this undefeated man Leon?

Episode plot


UK- Galar's Great Mysteries! - Pokémon Journeys - Official Clip

Ash and Goh seeing a glimpse of a mysterious Pokémon.

At the Cerise Laboratory, Professor Cerise gives Ash and Goh tickets to the World Coronation Series finals in the Galar region. Excited to hear that Lance is one of the finalists, Ash happily accepts going to see the battle while Goh is interested in catching more Galar Pokémon. On the plane, the power goes out, then Pikachu senses something and Ash feels the same way. However, the power on the plane starts going crazy, while Ash, Pikachu, Goh, and Scorbunny look out the window as they see a Pokémon outside, much to their surprise. After the Pokémon leaves, the plane's power goes back to normal, then they arrive in Galar.


UK- Gigantamax Charizard - Pokémon Journeys - Official Clip

Leon's Gigantamax Charizard vs Lance's Dynamax Gyarados.

Arriving at Wyndon Stadium, Ash looks around while Goh wants to catch some Pokémon, but gets dragged by the latter so they can watch the battle together. Ash and Goh find their seats, as they wait for the battle. Meanwhile, Team Rocket has also arrive in Galar through Giovanni's order in order to see the Dynamax phenomenon, and they even reveal that they received a Rotom Phone. When they lights go out, the World Coronation battle begins to start as the announcers introduces Lance, the Galar's champion Leon. The referee explains that both Trainers will use one Pokémon each, and the battle will be over once one of the Trainers Pokémon is unable to continue. Lance tells Leon that he studies his matches, which flatters him, but they both agree to give their all. The referee tells Lance and Leon to bring out their Pokémon, as Leon brings out Charizard, and Lance brings out his shiny Gyarados, which excites Ash and Goh.

During the battle, Lance and Leon were both evenly match, as they give their Pokémon command after command. However, Lance put his Gyarados back inside its Poké Ball, then uses his Dynamax Band and throws it, which brings his Pokémon back out in Dynamax form. Ash, Goh, and Team Rocket are surprised about how Lance can Dynamax his Pokémon like that. Leon does the same thing, as he has his Charizard go back into its Poké Ball, then brings it back out in its Gigantamax form, much to Ash, Goh and Team Rocket's surprise. After exchange of Max and G-Max Moves, Lance's Gyarados goes down, which makes Leon the winner of the battle and the strongest Trainer in the world. However, Lance and Leon shake hands for the good battle they had. With the battle over, Team Rocket goes outside as they discuss the events they saw, then they see a Pokémon they never seen before. Curious, Meowth use their Rotom Phone as it tells them the Pokémon names is Drednaw and its type, but doesn't know the rest, much to Meowth, Jessie, and James shock. Thinking that Drednaw would Dynamax, Meowth suggest catching it, then they call the Prize Master. After getting their Pokémon, Jessie commands it, but accidentally brings out Galar particles, which causes Drednaw to Gigantamax.