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Best Friend… Worst Nightmare! (コハルとワンパチと、時々(ときどき)、ゲンガー, Koharu to Wanpachi to, Tokidoki, Gengaa, Chloe, Yamper, and Sometimes Gengar Too) is the 11th episode of Pokémon Journeys: The Series.


Despite being the daughter of Professor Cerise, Chloe has a very unenthusiastic attitude towards Pokémon. The Yamper that lives with the family is very attached to her, but she's concerned about how everyone around her has labeled her as "someone who obviously loves Pokémon, since her father is a Pokémon Professor". But one day, a mysterious Gengar shows up at the Cerise Laboratory and starts annoying everyone.

Episode plot

One morning at the Cerise residence, Chloe and Yamper are asleep in their room when the alarm clock rings. Yamper wakes up and tries to get Chloe to wake up as well, but with no luck. Having an idea forming in their head, Yamper goes to get Chloe's brother Parker, who sees that his sister is still sleeping. Parker calls his mother, Talia, who comes and tells Chloe that she won't be able to braid her hair if she isn't awake. Flustered, Chloe wakes up and groggily fusses about on top of her bed for a while before she eventually comes to her senses, blushing in embarrassment. Later that morning, Professor Cerise discovers a chibi-like drawing of Chloe and Yamper. Afterward, Chloe prepares herself for school, with the help of her mother, and eats breakfast. At breakfast, Chloe and her family talk about how Yamper seems to love Chloe the most, even though she's the coldest one in the family towards it. Shocked, Chloe leaves her house and goes on a car ride with her father.

Ash and Goh then decide to greet their Pokémon at Cerise Park. Ash compliments Goh on catching a whole lot of Pokémon so far, with the latter saying he's still planning to continue to catch every single one he can. Ash concurs, stating he's still planning to catch some more himself and battle with them as well. The boys then see Dragonite approaching Scyther and Stantler. Goh worries that the three Pokémon will hurt each other for a brief moment until Dragonite suddenly hugs them, much to Ash's amusement. However, they do see Goh's Wurmple being attacked by his Taillow, which they rush in to stop. Before the boys reach them, the Wurmple begin to evolve, with Goh hoping that at least two of them won't evolve into the same Pokémon. Much to Goh's shock and disappointment, all three Wurmple evolve into Cascoon instead. However, he quickly changes his mind when the Pokémon come up and rub against him, comforting him.

In the main room, Ren is about to work on the Institute's computer when a blackout suddenly happens. He goes to the basement to find the switchboard, successfully locating it and beginning to tinker with it. He then calls out his Magnemite, Francois, to help him fix the blackout. However, a mysterious Gengar shows up and begins to attack him. Ren orders Francois to use Thunder Wave, but it is unable to as the Gengar tangled it up in wires. The Gengar then attacks Ren and Francois with Night Shade, knocking them out.

Later, Ash and Goh briefly meet up with Chloe and Professor Cerise before the former runs off, worrying about being late for school. Chrysa then arrives, planning to discuss a project with Professor Cerise as they head to the main room together. With nobody else to talk to, Ash asks Goh about Chloe's relationship with Pokémon. Goh states she wasn't as cold as she is before, which surprises Ash. He then tells Ash that people interact with Pokémon differently, including themselves.

On their way to the main room, Professor Cerise and Chrysa see Francois, still tangled up in wires. Francois takes them to the basement, where they find Ren (who is still unconscious). As they try to help Ren, they briefly spot Gengar (utterly terrifying them for a moment) before it disappears. The boys and Chloe's Yamper then encounter Gengar in the Institute's hallway, where it attacks them with Shadow Ball. However, Ash quickly orders his Pikachu to deflect it with Iron Tail, a task at which he succeeds. Although, Gengar uses Psychic to move the object around the room, which scares Goh, then Ash had Pikachu use Thunderbolt, as it hits the Shadow Pokémon, then it vanished.

Meanwhile, at Chloe's school, the teacher ask her students what they want to be when they get older, which has all of them discussing their ideal goal. However, Chloe is pondering her thoughts as she doesn't like talking about the future, due to being unsure about her own goals. The teacher ask which student is gonna start off discussing their goal in the future, as she picks Yeardley to start things off, but his answer is that he's still working on it, which makes the other students laugh, expect Chloe. Then, Chloe gets picked next, but all her classmates knows that she gonna be a professor someday because of who her father is, which makes her feel uncomfortable.

Also, Chloe was asked if she likes Pokémon, which got her to question about that, but the teacher got the students to stop asking her questions, much to her relief. At the garden, Chloe was approach by her mother as she forgot her lunch. Chloe talks to her mother about what happen in class, then tells her about how she almost gave up drawing because she wanted to be a comic book artist until her father encouraged her to not give up on what she loves, which inspired her to do something else with drawing. Talia tells Chloe that she has time to decided what she wants to be, which perked up her spirits. At the lab, Ash and Goh are looking for Gengar, as they decided to do a contest to see who catches the Shadow Pokémon first. However, Gengar reappears then starts attacking again, then Ash warns Mimey as he was able to warn it in time, which it appreciates.

Seeing that it was cornered, Gengar attacks again, then land an Ice Punch on Yamper, but Scorbunny thawed him out. However, Gengar vanished again, which promotes, Ash, Goh, their Pokémon, and Yamper to search for it once more. Although, hearing the door open, Yamper realized that Chloe has return from school, as he goes to greet her. However, Gengar appeared again, as Yamper sees it, then takes a Shadow Ball for Chloe, which knocked him out. Chloe grabs a knocked out Yamper, then tries to run, but Gengar stops her. Ash and Goh arrive, as they see Gengar getting ready to attack Chloe, but Pikachu saves her with his Thunderbolt attack. However, Gengar uses Psychic on Ash, Goh, and their Pokémon, while Yamper has woken up, then gets out of Chloe's arms.

Then, Professor Cerise, Ren, and Chrysa have entered the room, as they see Gengar and Yamper staring at each other. Professor Cerise commanded Yamper to use Spark, but he doesn't listen as he focus on keeping Chloe safe. Realizing that he wouldn't listen to him, Professor Cerise tells Chloe to give Yamper the command, which surprise her. At first, Chloe wasn't sure, but her dad and friends encourage her, which gave her strength she needed to do it. Chloe had Yamper use Spark, which he uses and sends Gengar out of the building. Chloe happily embraces Yamper while everyone looks on. That night, Chloe thanks Yamper for saving and protecting as they go to sleep, as her parents watch. Ash and Goh discuss about today events, but both agree to try and catch Gengar one day. However, little did they know, Gengar is still in the area, as it on top of the lab.