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Finding a Legend! (あの()(ちか)い!ジョウト()(ほう)のホウオウ(でん)(せつ)!!, Ano Ni~Tsu no Chikai! Jouto Chihou no Houou Densetsu!!, The Promise We Made That Day! The Legend of the Johto Region's Ho-Oh!!, lit. "Oath of the Day! The Legend of Ho-Oh in the Johto Region!!") is the 9th episode of Pokémon Journeys: The Series.


There are eyewitness accounts of Legendary Pokémon Ho-Oh in Ecruteak City, Johto. Will Ash and Goh manage to meet Ho-Oh?

Episode plot

At the Cerise Laboratory, the Pokémon were at the park where Ash and Goh find news about Ho-Oh. The boys went to the lab and show Professor Cerise the information on Ho-Oh, which is part of the ancient folklore of the Johto region. The reports show that the sightings of the Legendary Pokémon are found in Ecruteak City. Ash always wanted to battle Ho-Oh someday while Goh plan to catch it, which shocks everyone by their words. The boys decide to Ecruteak City straight away to meet Ho-Oh.

The boys arrives at Ecruteak City in the Johto region, where they plan to head straight the Bell Tower knowing that it has the most sightings. On their way to Bell Tower, Goh tells Ash about the legends of Ho-Oh until they encounter a wild Sentret, which the former decides to catch it and was successful on it. The boys quickly saw something flying close by thinking, it was the Legendary Pokémon Ho-Oh as they begin pursing it. The Pokémon fires an attack while Ash has Pikachu counter it with Thunderbolt, which land a direct hit. However, the boys think that was to easy for it to be taken down and keep following it. When they arrive at the tower, they see a kid and the Pokémon revealing to be a Fearow and a Cyndaquil. The kid got angry at Ash and Goh for attacking his Pokémon, with Ash apologizes for mistaking them for Ho-Oh. Goh realizes that the sightings turn out to be a false, the kid tries to explain until his Grandfather shows, knowing he was responsible for the false information. The old man tells his grandson that Ho-Oh doesn't exist, with Ash stating it does. The old man probably think Ash got fooled by his Grandson's decoy but Ash tells he saw the Legendary Pokémon Ho-Oh on the day he set out on his journey to become a Pokémon Master. However the old man disbelief and walks away, which worry the kid.

At the tower, the kid named "Chad" tells the Ash and Goh about his Grandfather's past with Ho-Oh. His grandfather who is named Jaye show Chad Ho-Oh's Rainbow Wing, with legends states it will bring joy to whoever will holds it. Jaye tells Chad that he met Ho-Oh back when he was younger, but didn't fully see it himself, so he plans to go on journeys to try to meet Ho-Oh again. However one day, Jaye quit his search knowing that he never find the Legendary Pokémon, which make him belief it was a myth. Chad explains he wants his grandfather be happy and search for Ho-Oh again. The boys realize why Chad had his Fearow and Cyndaquil to be Ho-Oh, which makes them think that he would be lying to his grandfather. The boys decides that they will start looking for the real Ho-Oh, with Goh describes that the legends state if a person climb to the top of the Bell Tower and waves the Rainbow Wing in the winds then Ho-Oh will appear. However, Chad tells them that his Grandfather already tries and fail many times doing. Despite Chad's statement, The boys decides to head into the tower anyway, so they step inside.

While inside the tower, they see a golden mural of Ho-Oh flying with a rainbow behind it, which they saw a picture back at the Cerise Laboratory, and Ash affirms this when thinking back to his own encounter. Goh suggests that Ho-Oh must have some connection to the rainbow, as he turns on his Rotom Phone to check the weather conditions over Ecruteak, and reveals that the moving clouds and low sun exposure are the perfect rainbow-creating conditions. The boys settle on a plan - they will wait for a rainbow to appear before waving the Rainbow Feather at the top of the Bell Tower. Chad suddenly rushes out, and later returns with the Rainbow Wing and his doubtful grandfather. The boys want Jaye to join them so he can continue his goal on finding Ho-Oh. Jaye reluctantly agrees and the four begin the ascent up the many stairs to the top of the Bell Tower. However, a wild Misdreavus and Stantler appears behind them and plan to prevent them from reaching the top.

The Misdreavus begins playing tricks, with its disorientating illusion transforming the stairs into a ramp and sending everyone back to the ground floor. The Stantler then appears and induces another illusion using the waves emitted from its antlers. They all now climbing a on cliff with no idea how they got their. They conquer the steep cliff climb, only to find themselves now surrounded by a desert. Goh turns on his Phone for answers, but has now signals. Jaye realizes they must be caught up in an illusion, and has his Hoothoot use Foresight to transport them back to reality. After as they return, they immediately spots the culprits, Misdreavus and Stantler on the next floor, knowing that they were ones behind those illusions. As Stantler prepares to put everyone under an illusion again, Goh attempt to stop them by catching the two Pokémon before that happens, which he was successful on doing so. Chad is impressed by Goh's easy catches, and Goh replies that he aims to catch every Pokémon. As Jaye watches the boys' enjoyment, the Rainbow begins to glow for a brief moment.

Ash and the others eventually reach the outdoors. They pause momentarily after coming across a fleet of worn stairs, helping each other up to the top floor. Goh is relieved to see the rain has now stopped. Chad proceed to wave around the Rainbow Wing and calls out to Ho-Oh. Moments pass, when suddenly a rainbow appears in the sky. Chad again calls for Ho-Oh. A rush of wind then blows the Feather out from his hand, though Jaye catches it. Jaye admits he has learned a lot from today and goes onto wave around the Rainbow Wing in a bid to finally meet Ho-Oh. Ash, Goh and Chad are all greatly encouraged by Jaye's regained hope, and chirp in to call for Ho-Oh. However they soon stop, as their calls go unanswered. Jaye isn't disappointed, and instead asks Chad to accompany him during his future searches. Chad happily agrees to it. Unexpectedly, the Wing begins to glow in all colors of the rainbow. Ash's state that he is now hungry from their search, so Jaye invites them over to his house for some homemade curry. As the three boys begin walking away, Jaye catches sight of Ho-Oh in the distance. He calls for the boys to turnaround, but it is too late. Nonetheless, Jaye smiles having finally caught sight of Ho-Oh after many decades.

Ash and Goh later return to the Cerise Laboratory, reporting back of the fake sightings. They boys tells Cerise that they didn't meet Ho-Oh but they did enjoy their adventure, which help continue their own goals themselves, as Goh remains focused on his primary goal to catch every Pokémon including Mew, while Ash vows to become a Pokémon Master. Which makes Cerise smiles on them pursing their dreams.