The Sinnoh Iceberg Race! (()けるなポッチャマ!シンオウ()(ほう)(りゅう)(ひょう)レース!!レース!!) is the 8th episode of Pokémon Journeys: The Series.


Ash and Goh have met a disheartened and worn-out Piplup in Vermilion's port. It appears this Piplup comes from the Sinnoh region and has gotten lost, so they decided to take it back home.

Episode plot

Ash and Goh arrive at Vermilion City's port, where they see a group of Tentacool living in the water. Ash touches one of them on the head (which feels soft and squishy), but it gets annoyed and attacks him as a result. Goh then attempts to catch one of the Tentacool, hoping he will be able to get a strong one. He eventually finds a powerful one and throws a Poké Ball, but the Pokémon dodges it, resulting in one of the weaker ones getting caught instead. While Goh technically messed up, he is still pleased and takes pride in his newfound friend. Afterwards, the boys see something in the sea coming in their direction. A Pokémon then emerges from the water, revealing it to be a disheartened and worn-out Piplup. The boys are shocked and become terrified when the Piplup passes out.

At the Cerise Laboratory, Piplup eats some Pokémon food while the boys and Professor Cerise ask about where it came from. Chloe then comes home and asks what they're doing, with Goh answering that they're simply watching the Piplup. However, they soon realize that it is out of their sight until Mimey comes in and tells everyone where it is. Going to the spot, the boys are shocked to see that the Piplup is swimming in their bathroom sink. Afterwards, Ren comes in and tells everyone to go to the Institute's main room. When they do, they see a girl named Lauren on the screen. Misaki, who is Piplup's Trainer, thanks the boys for finding and saving her Pokémon. She explains that they are from the Sinnoh region, and she was worried that Piplup ran away. Professor Cerise then tells the boys to head to the Sinnoh region so they can return Piplup back to its Trainer.

When the boys arrive in the Sinnoh region, they see that a festival is going on. Goh shows Ash a poster about an event called the "Drift Ice Race", so they plan to check it out after they complete their mission. Underwater, Team Rocket follows them. They overhear their conversation and plan to capture Ash's Pikachu, along with the other Pokémon in the race. However, they quickly become exhausted by paddling their ship, as they couldn't afford to have the vehicle run on electricity.

Upon arriving at the festival, Ash looks for Misaki while Goh attempts to catch a Pokémon for the race, successfully catching a Mantyke afterwards. After Misaki arrives, she apologizes for being late, as she had dropped her glasses on her way. Misaki happily greets her Piplup and welcomes it back, but it shrugs her off. Misaki then thanks the boys for saving her Piplup before dropping her glasses again, which her Pokémon retrieves and returns to her. Turning to leave, Misaki attempts to bring Piplup back home with her, but it angrily refuses (which makes Misaki and the boys wonder why). The source of Piplup's anger is revealed shortly after when a Croagunk appears (which is then revealed to Misaki's other Pokémon). While Misaki states that her Croagunk came since it was worried about Piplup, everyone gets shocked when they see Piplup and Croagunk fighting.

The boys ask if Croagunk was responsible for Piplup's disappearance and question Misaki about the incident. Misaki explains that she first met Piplup about a year ago, when she dropped her glasses in the ocean and the Pokémon returned them to her. When Misaki saw Piplup swimming in her house's pool, she decided to have it enter the Drift Ice Race, where it won the competition. While Ash is amazed about Piplup's origin, Goh asks about how Misaki met Croagunk. Misaki explains that she met Croagunk last month, where she had the same incident with her glasses. Croagunk had been living with both Misaki and Piplup since then, but the two Pokémon developed a rivalry with each other. During their rivalry, Piplup lost to Croagunk during a little swimming race, which impressed Misaki. She praised Croagunk for its skills, which caused Piplup to be heartbroken and run away from Sinnoh. After Misaki's story is told, the boys realize that Piplup left because it lost to Croagunk, so it swam to Kanto to train and beat it in a rematch. Piplup then disappears, returning to sign up both Croagunk and itself to compete in the Drift Ice Race (where it hopes to settle score during the competition). Misaki is displeased, as she just wants them to be friends with each other. Ash and Goh decide to enter the race as well, with Ash using his Pikachu and Goh using his newly caught Mantyke. Underwater, Team Rocket hears the boys and starts preparing for their plan. 

At the Drift Ice Race, the Pokémon prepare themselves for the competition. Ash and Goh cheer for their Pokémon while Misaki is worried about Piplup and Croagunk. As the race begins, Piplup, Croagunk, and an Empoleon take the lead, while the other Pokémon are left behind. Pikachu struggles to swim, but Mantyke turns around and carries Pikachu on its back. Piplup and Croagunk, both in the lead, stay neck in neck as they swim to the finishing line. However, while Piplup and Croagunk continue the race, Team Rocket appears in the middle of the event and captures some of the Pokémon with a huge net. While Ash orders Pikachu to use Iron Tail to cut the net and free the Pokémon, Team Rocket calls on their Pelipper to bring them their new capsule machine. When it does, they send out two powerful Pokémon: a Machamp and a Beartic. Team Rocket then orders their Pokémon to attack, with Machamp throwing a chunk of ice while Beartic uses Icicle Spear on Pikachu and Mantyke. Goh tells Mantyke to dodge with Agility while Ash orders Pikachu to attack with Thunderbolt, electrocuting Team Rocket. An enraged James then tells Beartic to attack the ship with Thrash, which causes the ship to be knocked off balance. As a result, Misaki falls off the ship and is forced to hold onto the edge, her life now in danger. Piplup and Croagunk continue their race until they hear Misaki's glasses drop in the water. Putting their rivalry aside, they rush to Misaki's aid, where she is about to fall. Working together, they cut a raft off the boat, which they use to catch Misaki as she falls. Happy that her Pokémon rescued her and made amends with each other, Misaki smiles as they bring back her glasses. While the boys are happy that Misaki is safe, they still have to deal with Team Rocket. As a result, Goh orders his Scorbunny to use Double Kick on the Beartic, which knocks it off the boat and forces it to retreat. Pikachu then finishes it with Thunderbolt, which sends Team Rocket blasting off. Unfortunately for the boys, the race is cancelled due to Team Rocket's interference. However, they cheer up when they see Misaki and her Pokémon finally making amends with each other. 

At the dock, the boys return back to Kanto, waving Misaki and her Pokémon farewell. After they leave, Misaki and her Pokémon decide to return home. Shortly after, Lauren loses her glasses again, so both Piplup and Croagunk go to retrieve them. Ironically, a Psyduck returns Lauren's glasses back to her. She praises the Psyduck for its swimming skills, leaving both Pipulp and Croagunk heartbroken. 





Who's That Pokémon? / Dare da?
  • Piplup's clue (English)
  • It's Piplup! (English)
  • Piplup's clue (Japanese)
  • It's Piplup! (Japanese)


  • During one of Misaki's flashbacks, her socks are erroneously colored the same brown as her boots.


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