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Mind-Boggling Dynamax! (カビゴン(きょ)(だい)()!?ダイマックスの(なぞ)!!, Kabigon Kyodai-ka!? Daimakkusu no Nazo!, Snorlax Grew Gigantic!? The Mystery of Dynamax!!) is the 5th episode of Pokémon Journeys: The Series.


Ash and Goh run into their path with a Snorlax much larger than normal and must resolve the cause of this.

Episode plot

Scorbunny was fixing itself before getting ready to find Goh, who it has a great interest in. Scorbunny begins to search through the room where it finds it was able to find Ash and Goh's room with their backpack, notifying them they're nearby. In a lunchroom, the boys are eating, Scorbunny comes and tried to get their attention however it has no luck. Scorbunny went into another room, where it found some food, and decides to eat a berry and kick where it accidentally knock a waiter when he was ordering someone's food while Scorbunny carefully walks away.

Scorbunny took a nap where it wakes up and realizes Ash and Goh left the train while Scorbunny was still on it. The got into the train station and asks the man in the ticket about the phenomenon about Pokémon becoming giant. The man told about that phenomenon is called Dynamax and they can find it by following red lights. Back on the train, Scorbunny jumps out where it falls over a hill. After getting on the track, Scorbunny is determined to find Goh and begin to continue its search for him. The boys head to the wild area where they load of Pokémon, while Scorbunny went through many obstacles while finding them.

The boys stop by a red light and let the moving train pass them before continuing their search. As they come across a sleeping Snorlax, Scorbunny came and is exhausted from its search, but it notices them as it heads straight toward them. The boys gather data on Sorlax about its height but are disappointed by the result of not being excited as they hope. Scorbunny arrives and tries to get Goh's attention, even juggles some rocks, but still had no luck. This causes Scorbunny to be upset and kick a rock at Goh and for him to missed and hit Ash instead as well as knocking a berry where the Snorlax eats it and spits out a seed. The boys finally realize Scorbunny, who was revealed to have been following them and clean itself from the dirt. Ash tells Goh that he thinks Scorbunny wants to join him, seeing it is blushing and starting to grow on Goh. Goh apologizes to Scorbunny as he sadly told it he is planning to make Mew his first Pokémon ever since he first saw it, which makes Scorbunny depressed by his answer. All of sudden, red lights came around the Snorlax, indicating that Dynamax is starting to occur. As Snorlax begins to grow, the boys run from it where it fully transforms into a huge, gigantic Pokémon.

The boys are shocked and amaze by the Dynamax phenomenon, however, they realize the Snorlax is on the railroad, which blocking a path for the upcoming train. The duo tries to move the giant Pokémon, but cannot due to its size. Ash tells Pikachu to use Thunderbolt, but did no damage and cause Snorlax to fire a Hyper Beam. As yells at Snorlax to wake up until Goh tells getting to eat a berry the same way it did earlier. The boys begin to climb up Snorlax, however, Goh has trouble climb and was about, worrying Scorbunny, but luckily Goh was able to pick himself up and keep climbing making Scorbunny relief. The boys made it to the top, where plan to drop the berry on its stomach. Ash orders Pikachu to use Iron Tail as the latter keep the attack while the former tries to move it into position, which they successfully the berry down. However, when it was rolling down to mouth the bushes block which Goh went and struggles to move the berry himself. The train nearly coming their way, realizing that they are almost out of time. While Goh is worry about the situation, Scorbunny arrives to lend a hand, which Goh accepts as the two of them tries to push the berry together. The train is about to arrive, while Ash and Pikachu jump off. Goh and Scorbunny continues to push, Scorbunny's feet were heating up and its feet were starting to blaze, which makes Goh realize it previous battle with Pikachu. Goh tells Scorbunny to use Double Kick which the latter happily response and back up and successfully knocks the berry into its mouth. The giant Snorlax jumps up and eats the berry, causing it to move out of the railroad, but it also eats Scorbunny as well in the process.

Goh rushes to the giant Snorlax to make it release Scorbunny. Luckily the Snorlax returns back to normal size and spits Scorbunny out, making Goh relief. Goh thanks Scorbunny for its help on saving everyone, which makes Scorbunny happy it was able to help out. Scorbunny turns around, biding Goh farewell as it was about to leave on its own, making Goh ad by this. Goh stopped Scorbunny from leaving and changed his mind, which he decides to make it his first Pokémon. Goh took out his Poké Ball and asks Scorbunny to join, which happily apply. Although Goh's Poké Ball throw missed, Scorbunny hit it on its own and was successfully caught. Goh wonder if the catch work, Ash knew that he did. As Scorbunny data was added to the Pokédex, Goh as happy that he caught his very first Pokémon. Goh then send out Scorbunny and tells it that he will look forward working, with Ash and Pikachu were happy by their friendship.

As they return to Vermilion City, the boys told Professor Cerise about their adventure in the Galar, which he was happy for them with their experience. Yamper comes and notices Scorbunny which latter happily gets starts by the former until it meets Pikachu, who is thrilled to meet it again. Scorbunny tries to get their attention but was ignore by them, causing Scorbunny to be upset. Cerise was surprised by this, but Goh tells the professor that Scorbunny is his first-ever Pokémon as the two smile together.