Settling the Scorbunny! (()くぜガラル()(ほう)!ヒバニーとの()()い!! Let's Go to the Galar Region! An Encounter with Scorbunny!!) is the 4th episode of Pokémon Journeys: The Series.


Ash and Goh heard that there is a phenomenon in the Galar region that causes Pokémon to grow to giant sizes. The two immediately go there to investigate this phenomenon. When they arrive in Wyndon, Galar, they are completely absorbed in the beautiful urban landscape and the local food specialities, but then they meet a group of Pokémon that they had never seen before playing jokes around the city.

Episode plot

In the morning Goh is brushing his teeth, Ash shows him a faster way on how to brush their teeth by shaking around a lot; Pikachu joins in. Goh warns them that they will get dizzy from doing those fast movements, which they already are from their shaking. At breakfast, Mimey prepares the food, but pretends to give Goh the actual breakfast, causing him to be a bit annoyed. Ash enters tired, while Goh sees something on his phone and tells Ash to hurry.

At the lab, Goh drags Ash to meet Professor Cerise, where Goh tells him about a phenomenon that make Pokémon become gigantic, surprising Ash. Cerise explains that the phenomenon is seen in the Galar region, which the boys have never seen before. They tell the Professor they want to visit the region. Cerise let's them know that it is a great opportunity to see the phenomenon and go to investigate for themselves.

Goh and Ash take a plane to the Galar region, and in the air Goh spots the region, showing Ash. Ash rushes toward the window to see. When they arrive at the train station in Wyndon, Ash asks Goh where they go now; Goh explains they need to change onto the Wild Area train, Goh points the way to the ticket counter but Ash goes the wrong way. At the booth, the boys become shocked when they realize the next train will leave in three hours. Goh asks the man at the booth if there's another option available to go to the Wild Area, which he tells them that there's a bus but it will leave in six hours. Goh is disappointed by this situation but Ash tells him they wait and go find something in the mean time, which Goh agrees. Goh tries to find something nearby, but Ash smells something and shows them the way. Goh chuckles, stating Ash has sharp instincts.

The boys find a bakery, while Ash is amazed by the food he called "nice-smelling tiny thingies." Goh explains that they are the Galar region's famous scones, but Ash ignores Goh and orders the food. As they eat, Ash and Pikachu are amazed by the taste, but eat too fast and drink water, while Goh comments that the duo is similar. Ash saves some the scones for later and puts them in his backpack. However, something comes flying out. Pikachu checks and reveals the mystery item to be a rock. Another rock flies in and the boys see a brown Pokémon. They are amazed and try to get out their camera to take a picture. While distracted, three orange Pokémon grab Ash's backpack and run off.

As they are chasing the thieves, Goh realizes that Ash's ticket to the Wild Area was in his backpack. The boys figure which way the thieves went but then get distracted by the brown Pokémon. Goh spots the other Pokémon and chase them, splitting up to find them. During the search, Goh notices some scorch mark footprint on a path and decides to follow it. Ash and Pikachu continue their search but end getting lost until they receive a call from Goh.

The Pokémon thieves regroup and start digging through Ash's backpack, while Goh is spying one them. Ash arrives but got silent by Goh as they watch the thieves on what they are doing? Goh looks up the Pokémon in his Pokedex and reveals that the three orange ones are called Nickit. However when he try to look up the brown Pokémon, the Pokédex has no data, which shocks Ash an d Goh thinking that it's a new Pokémon species. The brown Pokémon found Ash's scones and give some to the Nickit, while the boys think that the new Pokémon is the leader. As the Nickit finish eating, they are still hungry, and ask their leader for who, which kind share some of its food. Goh realizes that the new Pokémon cares for its friends, which Ash is proud for its kindness but gets enraged knowing they stole food.

The Pokémon overhears Ash as the latter attempts to retrieve his backpack. However, the leader toss Ash's backpack around and tells his friends to get to safety. The Pokémon kick Ash's backpack send on a pole and attempt to attack Ash, but Pikachu step and take the hit for his trainer as they are starting a battle. Pikachu uses Iron Tail, but the Pokémon dodges with Quick Attack and scorch marks from its feet with Goh realizes he saw this earlier. The Pokémon run up the walls and dives in to attack Piachu, which the latter dodges. Pikachu attacks with Thunderbolt but the Pokémon dodges again with Quick Attack, however the Pokémon run into a thrash can and gets defeat by Pikachu's Electroweb. As Pikachu and Ash celebrate their win, Scorbunny is frustrated by the loss. Pikachu scales a light pole and throws Ash’s backpack down to its rightful owner. Ash turns his attention to the Pokémon stating its is really fun to battle with, but the Pokémon kicks Ash from behind in revenge. Pikachu promptly shocks the Pokémon and Ash to settle the situation. Goh comments that the Pokémon was impressive. The Pokémon seems chuffed by the compliment, rubbing its face to reveal some of its naturally white fur underneath the soot, much to Goh's surprise.

The scone man from earlier yells at the Nickit for running off with his scones. He corners the Nickit trio in an alleyway, and lifts the mysterious Pokémon up by the ears as it tries to protect its friends. Goh rushes in, apologizing on behalf of "his" Pokémon's actions. Everyone returns to the scone shop, with the Pokémon and its Nickit friends receiving some complimentary scones. Goh is taken aback as man says he knew about that Goh lied about “Scorbunny”. Learning of the Rabbit Pokémon's species name, Goh looks Scorbunny up on his phone with a voice command. Goh is perplexed as to why this Scorbunny is brown instead of white in color. The scone man suggests Scorbunny deliberately covered itself in dirt to fit in with its urban surrounds and the Nickit. He reveals that Scorbunny and its friends have been affecting his business for some time. Hearing this, Goh confronts Scorbunny directly. He tells Scorbunny to gives things try and explore the world instead of resigning itself to its misery and thieving life. Goh adds that with its lucky legs, Scorbunny is bound to have a good future. Ash is immediately alarmed, and warns Goh it may kick him if he compliments it, which angers Scorbunny as its goes and kick him from behind.

Goh soon realizes that it is time for them to get the train, so they rush off, leaving Scorbunny. The Nickit see that something has awakened within Scorbunny and urge their friend to follow after Goh. Scorbunny refuses and begins to walk away. The Nickit respond by picking Scorbunny up with their tails and carrying it directly to Wyndon Station. Ash and Goh soon board, while the Nickit toss Scorbunny onto the train just before it departs. In honor of the friend, the Nickit kick a drink can directly into the bin and tease it was a tail wag and pulling of the eye. Scorbunny tears up at the gesture before the doors close shut and the train leaves the station. Scorbunny starts to clean the dirt off itself as its new life begins. Meanwhile, Ash and Goh recount their encounter with Scorbunny and the Nickit back to the Cerise Laboratory. Cerise thanks the boys for the update and wishes them luck during their time in the Wild Area. Ash then got hungry an realize he no longer any more scones do to Scorbunny and the Nickit stole earlier. Luckily Goh got some more from the baker and bought milk tea as well as the boys have their dinner. On the train Scorbunny is fully clean as it is ready to continue finding Ash and Goh.





Who's That Pokémon? / Dare da?
  • Scorbunny's clue (English)
  • It's Scorbunny! (English)
  • Scorbunny's clue (Japanese)
  • It's Scorbunny! (Japanese)
Goh Scorbunny (Pre-released Trailer version)
  • "Who's That Pokémon?:" Scorbunny
  • As of this episode, Ash has been to every Region.
  • Scorbunny's color palettes from some previous trailers before the series started was modified for this episode to initially start out covering in dirt before progressively cleaning itself in the last scenes.
  • The English dub title is derived from the phrase "settling the score".
  • This episode is set to air in the United Kingdom on May 25, 2020, 18 days before it premieres in the United States on Netflix, while in Canada, it is set to air on May 30, 2020, 13 days before the United States premiere.

Dub differences

  • The English dub has the train station employee's mustache removed, likely to avoid being similar to Adolf Hitler.


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