The Redemption ((あがな) The Redemption) is the 18th and final episode of Pokémon Generations.


A new champion rises. An ancient king returns. A sorrow that has lasted 3,000 years is brought to an end.

Episode plot

In Lumiose City, a parade is taking place. A woman tells a girl the person at the stage is the newest champion. Suddenly, a tall man passes by, which the girl identifies him from "the story". The tall man approaches the new champion, challenging him and wishing to know what a trainer is. The girl watches and recalls the story of the man.

Once, a man loved a Pokémon — a Floette — very much. However, a war threatened Kalos and his Floette was sent to the battlefield. Years later, the man was given a box with Floette's flower. The man cried for his Floette's loss and promised to bring her back. He constructed a large machine, which used life force to bring Floette back. While the man succeeded, he was still furious his Floette had passed away. His machine was turned into the Ultimate Weapon he used to destroy the land. With a flash of beam, the Ultimate Weapon brought destruction. While the war was ended, Floette knew a lot of lives of many Pokémon were taken to restore her life. Floette left the man, who cried and went to an eternal journey to find her.

Back to the parade, the champion's Chesnaught defeats the tall man's Golurk. The tall man calls Golurk back and thanks the champion, feeling his eternal sorrow is gone. A flash of light appears from the sky, as the tall man's Floette returns. The man cries and hugs Floette, stating it has been 3000 years since they last saw each other. The girl and her mother are glad the tall man has reunited with his Floette, seeing how happy they both are.


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