The Investigation (捜査(そうさ) The Investigation) is the 17th episode of Pokémon Generations.


Detective Looker's assistants Emma and Mimi have been helping him out in Lumiose City, until a crime wave threatens to tear them apart.

Episode plot

In Lumiose City, a woman's Furfrou is defeated. She faces a person with a glowing "E" letter on her mask. The woman goes to call her Furfrou back, but the masked one snatches the Poké Balls through "Poké Ball jack function". Looker comes to face the masked trainer, but the Espurr, Mimi, goes to the trainer. Looker tries to warn Mimi not to approach the masked one, but Mimi snuggles around the trainer's leg. Suddenly, the trainer kicks Mimi away, so Looker manages to get ahold of her, while the trainer jumps away and escapes.

Mimi levitates in their air and follows the trainer. Looker follows Mimi and thinks that trainer is actually Emma, since Mimi did snuggle around her leg in the same way. Looker recalls when he hired Emma and Mimi, the former being an orphan girl, she was a great assistance to him in the office and even helping other people out. However, he is concerned as lately she has been disappearing without a trace, leaving Mimi in the office. He starts feeling that masked trainer is actaully Emma.

The masked trainer enters a building, but Looker and Mimi immediately follow behind. They corner her and Mimi takes some steps forward. She bashes into the trainer's head, causing the mask to malfunction. Looker is surprised to see the mask cracks and the person inside the suit screams and reveals to be Emma. Looker holds her into his grasp. Emma opens her eyes, wondering if "today's experiment" is already over. Looker wonders why Emma has done these crimes. However, Emma sees Looker and Mimi looking over her, wondering why they are here.


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