The King Returns (帰還 The Return) is the 15th episode of Pokémon Generations.


His plans left in ruins, Ghetsis makes one last attempt to bring Unova under his icy grasp. A hero arrives, intending to stop him.

Episode Plot

Amidst a frozen wasteland, in a cave, the frozen stalagmites crash under Kyurem's roar. Ghetsis commands Kyurem to empower itself and freeze Unova. However, a green haired man arrives on Reshiram and stops Kyurem's attack. Ghetsis is amused the "freak without a human heart", N, has arrived.

N frowns, telling that he heard that Kyurem was suffering. He states he won't let human's selfish desires make Pokémon suffer. N also explains Unova taught him that is the place where humans and Pokémon can live in harmony. Ghetsis is amazed that N's education wasn't a complete waste, nor was his promotion to become a king.

However, Ghetsis has not forgotten N disrupted his plans and will teach him a "second lesson". He uses the DNA splicers on Reshiram. Reshiram tries to fire attacks to stop the beams, but fails. It gets caught and bound to Kyurem, who absorbs it and twists its appearance like Reshiram. N is astounded Pokémon could fuse together.

Ghetsis claims if only N became the king, Unova would preserve its beauty. Thus, he orders White Kyurem to finish N off. Despite this, N still hears Reshiram's voice, feeling it wants to be separated from Kyurem. Ghetsis is outraged, since they don't realize they are tools for his domination over Unova.

N calls Ghetsis "father", stating that Pokémon and humans live together to reach new heights. Ghetsis is furious, calling N a "freak", claiming no person can talk to a Pokémon. Just as White Kyurem goes to fire an attack at N, a thunder strikes and negates the attack. Ghetsis and N notice Zekrom, whom a person is riding on. Ghetsis is angry, while Zekrom roars.


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