The Old Chateau ((もり)洋館(ようかん) The Old Chateau) is the 10th episode of Pokémon Generations.


Late at night, a young traveler and her Chansey lose their way in Eterna Forest. They soon stumble upon a house—but what waits inside?

Episode plot

A traveler and her Chansey walk through Eterna Forest and stop for a bit. The former points out it is getting darker and need to find a place to rest. They find a mansion and go inside, where they find a man. Chansey grins, amusing the man, who lets them rest for the night. As the traveler and Chansey follow the man, the latter's painting gazes at the traveler and Chansey with red eyes. They come at a table, where the traveler and Chansey start eating. In truth, there is no actual food they are eating, being affected by an illusion, while the man starts grinning.

After they ate the dinner, the traveler shows her gratitude. The man goes to show them their room, as they go through the halls. As they turn left, the traveler and Chansey notice the man is gone and, a moment later, see him passing behind them. They continue following him, until he turns into a pile of purple goo. A voice starts laughing and a thunderstorm is formed inside the mansion. The traveler and Chansey run off in fear before they are consumed by a Haunter.

The traveler and Chansey wake up on a couch in an abandoned room. They start wondering what they just experienced. Suddenly, books start falling down, making Chansey and the traveler frightened. The traveler notices a note falling down and reads it, being confused. A ghost girl comes behind them, noting she "had to read the note". The girl transforms into a phantasm that scares the traveler and Chansey, making them scream.


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