The Vision (ビジョン The Vision) is the 7th episode of Pokémon Generations.


When an uninvited guest breaks into their headquarters, Team Magma must race against time to make their ambitions become a reality.

Episode plot

Team Magma's base is assaulted, as a door is crashed and the intruder has his Sceptile attack a Golbat. One of the admins, Tabitha, looks at this footage, seeing the intruder has broken into Sector One. Team Magma's leader, Maxie, comes to Courtney, who notes Team Magma will make their dreams a reality. The leader confirms this, announcing they are heading to Seafloor Cavern. The admin has the grunts enter the submarine; Courtney goes in as well, but the leader orders her to stay put. The boy's Sceptile attacks a Mightyena with Leaf Blade, defeating it. The leader states the intruder is coming and asks of her to stop him. Courtney nods and promises to the leader, Maxie, she will defeat the intruder.

As the intruder breaches into Sector Four, the admin ushers Maxie into the submarine. Maxie turns around. Courtney anticipates the mankind's new future, while Maxie replies they will talk after the mission is over. Maxie and the admin enter the submarine, while Courtney anticipates they will change the world. The grunts check the submarine's systems. The admin confirms they are ready to go, so Maxie orders them to start the engines. As water spouts out of the pipes, Courtney looks at the red lights and thinks how the world would change. She imagines as the Primal Groudon they were looking for is launching a Solar Beam attack.

However, she imagines Maxie and the others being attacked by the Primal Groudon. She snaps out of the moment, wondering what kind of a vision was that. Suddenly, the intruder and his Sceptile arrive. Courtney has anticipated their arrival, pointing at the submarine, which has the drills that will give her teammates access to Seafloor Cavern. As the submarine dives in, Courtney announces she will do much more than to stop the intruder, as she sends Camerupt out. She giggles, stating she will analyze him.


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