The Reawakening (再生(さいせい) The Reawakening) is the 6th episode of Pokémon Generations.


The mysterious traveler Eusine explores the legends of Ecruteak City’s Burned Tower and the Pokémon who rose from its ashes.

Episode plot

A trainer named Eusine walks to the Burned Tower in Ecruteak City, to find Suicune. He did some research of the legends, which state in the Burned Tower were three Legendary Pokémon. He walks inside, recalling his only encounter with Suicune, thinking it was drawn to his desire to make it appear. Eusine wishes to find Suicune, and make it trust in humanity once more. Eusine looks around, recalling the story of the Burned Tower.

The tower was a great, beautiful place that was admired. However, it was lit on fire one day and three unknown Pokémon perished in the fire. After it started to rain, the fire was stopped, but many cried for the tower's destruction. However, from the sky, a Ho-Oh appeared and shined its golden beam of light onto the Burned Tower. This revived the three Pokémon, giving them new appearances and were known as Entei, Suicune and Raikou. The men feared these three Pokémon and shunned them away. The Pokémon left the place, feeling sorrow for the people that shunned them away and never stroke back.

Eusine also remembers they would return one day, when those Pokémon trust the humanity once more. He wishes to tell those Pokémon they have nothing to fear, as people have accepted Pokémon. Suddenly, a light shines, as Suicune appears on the roof. Eusine is fascinated, but Suicune jumps and disappears. Eusine smiles and leaves the Burned Tower, while a colored feather is dropped onto the floor.


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