The Chase (追跡(ついせき) The Chase) is the 2nd episode of Pokémon Generations.


Detective Looker of the International Police uncovers critical information in the hunt for Team Rocket Boss Giovanni!

Episode plot

A man explains to the inspector, Looker, about the whereabouts of the Team Rocket's leader, Giovanni. Looker is told he is the crime boss for poaching Pokémon and selling them, and has even taken control of Kanto region's underground. He is also told Team Rocket's base in Celadon City, the Game Corner, where the police has liberated the Pokémon Team Rocket kept captive. Looker is also told Giovanni wanted to take control of Silph Co., but it is told they had certain complications in such plans.

Looker asks what they learned from the Team Rocket Grunts they captured. The man explains the grunts did not know what Giovanni's next move would be. However, he notes the grunts are very loyal to their leader and certainly wouldn't give out the information, even if they were interrogated. Looker notes Giovanni is quite charismatic. Suddenly, another man reports that they found Giovanni in Viridian City.

The special police forces, including Machamp and Arcanine, stand in front of Viridian City's Gym. Looker has the forces surround the building and alerts them Giovanni is a very experienced Trainer. One of the police forces sends out a Magnemite, who disables the security system. The forces breach in, with Machamp crushing one wall and Arcanine melting the other with Flamethrower. Looker goes around the building and finds a battle field. He prepares to attack with his Growlithe.

However, he finds nothing, but a trace that an explosion has occurred recently. The police forces report the Gym is empty. Looker found out Giovanni, who was the Gym Leader of Viridian City, disappeared after giving two badges to two Trainers. Outside of the city, Giovanni claims Pokémon exist solely to be used by Team Rocket. Giovanni puts his hat on and leaves, while Looker has heard rumors Team Rocket has disbanded. However, whether that's the truth remains a mystery to him.


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