The Adventure (冒険(ぼうけん) The Adventure) is the 1st episode of Pokémon Generations.


From Viridian Forest to Terminus Cave, see the Pokémon world as never before!

Episode plot

With 31 minutes having passed in Pokémon Red, the trainer walks around Viridian Forest in Kanto. There, he sends his level 10 Bulbasaur to face a level 3 Pikachu. The trainer throws his Poké Ball and catches Pikachu. The trainer sends Pikachu out, who rolls away and sees a Caterpie. Pikachu dodges its String Shot, while a Zapdos passes by.

In Johto's Ecruteak City, Pikachu runs off, walking past a stream, where three Wooper are swimming. Pikachu tries to electrocute them with Thunder Shock, but fails and gets attacked by the Wooper with Mud Shot, while a Lugia flies by.

Next, Pikachu faces a Vigoroth near the Weather Institute in Hoenn. While Latios and Latias watch the battle, Vigoroth accidentally slashes the rope bridge, so Vigoroth and Pikachu run off to the other side before they fall down.

In front of Snowpoint Temple located in Sinnoh, Pikachu clashes with a Probopass. Pikachu evades its attacks, as well as the Mini-Noses' Charge Beams. A Regigigas emerges out of the temple and bashes Probopass away. Pikachu tries to electrocute it with Thunder Shock, but fails, while Regigigas emits its power to blow away Pikachu.

Pikachu walks in the Relic Castle, situated in Unova. Passing by some Darmanitan in Zen Mode, Pikachu wanders inside the sandy castle. By accident, Pikachu falls into a trap and falls through a hole, into a chamber. There, a Volcarona fires Heat Wave, so Pikachu slams the ground with Iron Tail to protect itself from the attack. Pikachu electrocutes Volcarona with Volt Tackle, slamming it into the wall. However, Landorus, in Therian Mode, emerges out.

Inside the Terminus Cave in Kalos, Pikachu and its trainer are sliding in a cart through the mine, while a Noivern attacks them with Dragon Pulse. Pikachu electrocutes Noivern with Electro Ball, who flies away and releases a Boomburst, but Pikachu jumps and electrocutes Noivern once more with Thunderbolt. At the center of the cave, Pikachu and its trainer find Zygarde in Complete Form, who levitates up and shines with a bright glow.


  • At the game section, instead of weakening the Pikachu before catching it, the Trainer caught the Pikachu right away.


  • The wild Pokémon music is still playing after the Pikachu was caught.


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