P2 Laboratory is a location in Unova built for Team Plasma to do unknown research. It is located in the southeast part of Unova and on the right of Route 17. Unless Genesect is brought here, the P2 Laboratory remains empty.



Trainer Pokémon Level
569.png Garbodor 35
Gain: Poké Dollar.png1680
Trainer Pokémon Level
599.png Klink 34
600.png Klang 34
Gain: Poké Dollar.png1632

Wild Pokémon

Pokémon Level Rarity How
Herdier Herdier BW.gif Common Grass
Klink Klink BW.gif Uncommon Grass
Scraggy Scraggy BW.gif Uncommon Grass
Watchog Watchog BW.gif Common Grass
Audino Audino BW.gif Common Rustling Grass
Stoutland Stoutland BW.gif Rare Rustling Grass
Frillish Frillish BW.gif Common Water Surface
Alomomola Alomomola BW.gif Common Water Surface Ripples
Jellicent Jellicent BW.gif Rare Water Surface Ripples
Finneon Finneon BW.gif Common Fishing
Horsea Horsea BW.gif Common Fishing
Kingdra Kingdra BW.gif Rare Fishing Ripples
Lumineon Lumineon BW.gif Rare Fishing Ripples
Qwilfish Qwilfish BW.gif Uncommon Fishing Ripples
Seadra Seadra BW.gif Common Fishing Ripples
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