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An Oval Stone is an item that evolves Happiny when it holds it when it levels up. It can be purchased in Black City for Poké Dollar.png2100 and has a Fling damage of 80.

Ways to obtain

  • There is a 50% chance a wild Happiny or Chansey will be holding one.
  • It is found with the Pickup ability (Level 51+) in Diamond/Pearl/Platinum.
  • It is also found in the Lost Tower in Diamond/Pearl/Platinum.
    • National Park (1st Place in The Bug Catching Contest or at the Pokéathon Shop) or the Rock Tunnel in HeartGold/SoulSilver.
    • Amity Meadow (1,500+ steps on Pokéwalker).
    • Challenger's Cave in Black/White.
  • You can find one in Pokémon X and Y in the Unknown Dungeon after defeating/catching Mewtwo.
  • You can find one in Pokémon Sun and Moon at Paniola Ranch and Poké Pelago. It is also held by wild Happiny.