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Outcast Island is an island in the Sevii Islands. The large cave on the patch of land leads to Altering Cave.



Wild Pokémon
Pokémon Games Level Rate
072.png Tentacool FR/LG 5-40 95%
073.png Tentacruel FR/LG 35-40 5%


Wild Pokémon
Fishing; Old Rod
Pokémon Games Level Rate
129.png Magikarp FR/LG 5 100%

Wild Pokémon
Fishing; Good Rod
Pokémon Games Level Rate
116.png Horsea FR 5-15 80%
098.png Krabby LG 5-15 80%
129.png Magikarp FR/LG 5-15 20%

Wild Pokémon
Fishing; Super Rod
Pokémon Games Level Rate
116.png Horsea FR 15-25 40%
098.png Krabby LG 15-25 40%
211.png Qwilfish FR 15-25 40%
223.png Remoraid LG 15-25 40%
130.png Gyarados FR/LG 15-25 15%
117.png Seadra FR 25-35 4%
099.png Kingler LG 25-35 4%
054.png Psyduck FR 25-35 1%
079.png Slowpoke LG 25-35 1%

In other languages

Language Name
English Outcast Island
Spanish Isla Aislada
Italian Isola Solitaria
French Île du Lointain
German Fern-Eiland
Japanese はずれのしま
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