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Ortega is the boss of Team Star's Fairy Crew, a student at the Naranja/Uva Academies, and a major antagonist in the Starfall Street storyline of Pokémon Scarlet and Pokémon Violet. He specializes in Fairy-type Pokémon.


Ortega is a young boy who wears a pastel pink suit with a red bow at the front with white pants. The back of his shirt and his pants are adorned with various gems. He also carries a scepter with him with a golden Poké Ball and wings on top. His pink hair is styled in an unevenly trimmed bowl cut with the sides shaved. His round purplish pink eyes have a slightly feminine appearance with his long lashes.

His preference for Fairy types is reflected in his narcissistic appearance and attitude towards others, a stereotypical reference to how fairies are often seen as pranksters or narcissists. He appears to be very noble as he dresses formally, has a cute bowl haircut and is the shortest and youngest boss of Team Star. Though true to how cute Fairy types are, he is very disciplined and does show his kindness to those he respects.

In his academy attire, Ortega wears a short-sleeved white shirt and academy shorts.


In contrast to his cutesy appearance, Ortega has a short temper, having a sharp tongue and is somewhat easy to anger. Nonetheless, he cares deeply for Team Star. According to Cassiopeia, he also prefers letting his subordinates handle most of the dirty work for him. Despite this, he truly cares for his friends and wants to make more. He is also a genius mechanic, having designed Team Star's Starmobiles, massively customized Revavrooms.

While he does maintain trying to keep a formal and regal appearance, he is acutely aware of how eccentric it makes him and his friends appear, but given the choice, he will ultimately side with his friends even if it means making a fool of himself. He does show a great deal of respect to those he looks up to and is disciplined enough to maintain extracurricular activities such as his piano lessons, indicating that despite his spoiled nature, he does intend to grow to be a fine gentleman, but his young age indicates his desire to have fun and be himself.


Ortega is the son of a wealthy family and heir to the family's apparel business in Paldea. However, he ended up being bullied at the academy owing to frequently bragging about his family's wealth, so he and his friends banded up as Team Star to carry out an operation in order to defend themselves from bullies. During the preparation, he became the captain of the Ruchbah Squad and was the one who customized the Starmobiles for his friends. Due to their actions, however, a scandal about the academy's bullying broke out, and Ortega and the other Team Star captains hadn't heard from their boss since for a year and a half.

After the protagonist arrived at the academy and drove off some grunts causing trouble, Penny, who had taken her guise of Cassiopeia again, asked them to take down the team bosses to disband them. Ortega's subordinates tried their best to stop them after they arrived, but after their Pokémon were defeated, he was forced to come out and confront them, only to lose in the process. As part of the code, he gave up his badge to them and also gave them the TM Dazzling Gleam.

Soon after, Ortega's tutor, Harrington, along with Clavell (as Clive) came in. Clive asked him about the bullying incident, which Ortega had confirmed to him and that he had been aware of how the academy had made a turn for the better. Clive was curious as to what happened with the bullies, so Harrington told him the truth of what happened, leaving Ortega surprised. Harrington told Ortega that he did not approve of the team's current course, although he did not want to return until the big boss returned.

Upon defeating all five bosses, Penny revealed herself to be the team's founder and challenged the protagonist to a battle, only to be defeated. Ortega and his friends later reunited with her and agreed to Clavell's request to form Star Training Centers, where the player can battle Ortega again at his base.

Ortega and the other bosses would later take makeup exams to restore lost credit during their truancy, though he had issues with literature, particularly being unable to comprehend feelings from fictional characters. Giacomo and Eri, worried for their friends' academic status, ask the player to assist in tutoring, which they agree to. When they bring them to the classroom they were using, Atticus immediately sensed someone behind Eri, only to be relieved when it was just the player. Contrary to Atticus' relief, Ortega was alarmed by their presence, since the bosses were their senior and according to Giacomo, was too embarrassed to admit needing help. He tried to shoo the player away, causing Eri to become angered and forced him to apologize to them, which he did. Upon checking in on him, Ortega revealed his issue with a Maushold literature, which the player helped interpret for him. Giacomo interjected, expressing surprise that he did not understand it despite acting as such.

Once the tutoring session was over, Penny walked in and nearly left until the bosses explained they didn't want to burden her with their own problems. Penny later suggested that she also help them with tutoring, causing Ortega to become annoyed at the thought of having both her and the player tutor him before claiming that they didn't know him well enough. The others then joked on how they broke him, much to his disdain.


Initial Battle[]

0184Azumarill Pokémon HOMETypeType Water HOME Water / Type Fairy HOME Fairy0040Wigglytuff Pokémon HOMETypeType Normal HOME Normal / Type Fairy HOME Fairy
Tera TypeNoneTera TypeNone
AbilityHuge PowerAbilityCute Charm
MovesAqua TailPlay RoughMovesBody SlamPlay Rough
BounceCharmGyro BallCharm
DachsbunRuchbah Starmobile
0927Dachsbun Pokémon HOMETypeType Fairy HOME Fairy0966Revavroom Pokémon HOMETypeType Fairy HOME Fairy
Tera TypeNoneTera TypeNone
AbilityWell-Baked BodyAbilityMisty Surge
MovesCrunchPlay RoughMovesSteel RollerMagical Torque
Baby-Doll EyesMud-SlapConfuse RaySpin Out


0707Klefki Pokémon HOMETypeType Steel HOME Steel / Type Fairy HOME Fairy0184Azumarill Pokémon HOMETypeType Water HOME Water / Type Fairy HOME Fairy
Tera TypeNoneTera TypeNone
AbilityPranksterAbilityHuge Power
MovesFlash CannonDazzling GleamMovesAqua TailPlay Rough
ReflectLight ScreenIce PunchBrick Break
0040Wigglytuff Pokémon HOMETypeType Normal HOME Normal / Type Fairy HOME Fairy0858Hatterene Pokémon HOMETypeType Psychic HOME Psychic / Type Fairy HOME Fairy
Tera TypeNoneTera TypeNone
AbilityCute CharmAbilityHealer
MovesBody SlamPlay RoughMovesPsychicDazzling Gleam
Fire PunchThunder PunchShadow BallMisty Terrain
0927Dachsbun Pokémon HOMETypeType Fairy HOME Fairy
Tera TypeNone
AbilityWell-Baked Body
MovesCrunchPlay Rough
Ice FangFire Fang


  • Ortega has multiple similarities to Bede:
    • Both are male Fairy-type users, although Bede only picked it up when he went through Opal's training.
    • Both of them also have sharp tongues, but they also have respect for those who are better than them.
    • They also incorporate pink into their attire.
  • In his battles, Ortega utilizes Luxury Balls, representing his wealth. They also represent his desire to make more friends.
  • He is the youngest boss in Team Star.
  • His nickname by Penny is “Ortie”.
  • His name means nettle in Spanish; this is reflected on his personality most especially his sharp tongue as nettles are plants known for their stinging hairs.