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Oreburgh Mine is located at the south of Oreburgh City. There is a huge coal in the mine and one has to find Roark here in order to battle him in the Gym. There are Pokémon in this mine, as well as Trainers if talking to them.

Pokémon Appearances

Pokémon Diamond/Pearl
Pokémon Rate Method
Zubat 20% Ground
Geodude 70% Ground
Onix 10%
Pokémon Platinum
Pokémon Rate Method
Zubat 25% Ground
Geodude 65% Ground
Onix 10% Ground


Item Amount Location
X Defend 1 1F
Potion 1 B1F, right
Escape Rope 1 B1F, left
Heart Scale 1 Big Rock near one of the pokeloots


Worker Mason

Worker Mason
Pt 066 front.png
Lv. 9
Money: 360

Worker Colin

Worker Colin
Pt 074 front.png Pt 095 front.png
Geodude Onix
Lv. 7 Lv. 7
Rock Rock
Ground Ground
Money: -


Meeting Roark

Gym Leader Roark is found at the extreme south of Oreburgh Mine. If you talk to him, he will show you how to use Rock Smash. Afterwards, he will claim that he is the Gym Leader and went back to his Gym. Now head outside the mine towards the Gym and challenge the Gym Leader.

Diamond-Pearl Oreburgh Mine 1.png

Quick Walkthrough

Oreburgh MineOreburgh GymJubilife CityRoute 204Ravaged Path

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