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This Oranguru is a Normal/Psychic-type Pokémon that appears multiple times in the anime. It is Abe’s teacher.


When Abe was young, he opened his restaurant. Unsure of what to serve, he went into the forest. While walking, he fell down a slope. Oranguru saved him and offered him some juice, which he enjoyed and decided to serve at the restaurant. News of this spread, and the hut spread in size. Despite already helping Abe, Oranguru continued to assist him, which he was grateful for. Abe befriended Oranguru, calling it the "forest guard" and remained honorably calls it “teacher”.

When Abe’s daughter Mallow runs off, she falls down the same slope as her father. Oranguru arrived and brought her back to its hut, where it bandaged her wounds. Oranguru listens to her plight and when Team Rocket steals her Steenee, Oranguru assists Mallow. When Bewear arrives, the two Pokémon exchange goods; Oranguru gives Bewear some juice, while Bewear gives Oranguru some honey before taking Team Rocket away. After the day settled, Oranguru sighed at the work it did.[1]

Oranguru reappeared when Nebby teleported Mallow to its café then disappeared. It later watched as Ash and Pikachu were teleported to its café all soaking wet before disappearing.[2]

Oranguru later served Team Rocket's Meowth a drink and listened to his problems with Jessie and James rejecting him over an Alolan Meowth.[3]

Oranguru paid a visit to the Pokémon Paradise Resort and spend a quiet relaxing day in the hot springs.[4]

At some point during the Alola crisis, Oranguru kept the bar busy with customers during their exhausted condition caused by Necrozma.[5] It later helped join everyone in sharing its light to restore Necrozma's original Ultra form.[6]

Oranguru reappeared when Mallow stopped by its café and asked for more Big Mushrooms for her father as well as delivering some daikon radish from Poni Island. However, she ended up helping Oranguru with serving the customers. One of the customers was the guardian deity of Melemele Island, Tapu Koko, who tasked Mallow in feeding it. Mallow wasn't sure about it at first, but with the encouragement of Oranguru, Tsareena, and Shaymin, Mallow managed to cook a satisfying meal for the guardian deity. Tapu Koko then rewarded Mallow with the Grassium Z while Oranguru rewarded her a with Big Mushrooms and an old Z-Ring for helping in the café. As Olivia fixes the broken Z-Ring, she revealed that her experience at the café was a trial set up by Oranguru.[7]

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