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One, Two, Three is the first opening theme song for the 2019 Pokémon series.


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Hey, you still not ready? C'mon, hurry up! You all packed and ready to leave? I'll show you this wide mysterious world And skip the slow send-off

Be it through fire or through water I'm fumbling blindly through the days When I don't even know what the next second will bring

Each and every one of my memories Can always be found inside a ball

On 1, 2, 3, dive in! I've got the future plans I imagined in my pocket

Greeting someone new is always fresh No need (No need!) to hesitate! Try! (Try!) Let's have a fight!

1: Once the battle's done 2: And we're laughing or crying On 3, let's be friends!

Any day and every day, that's always been my rule With this unpredictable, boundless world awaiting

Let's go! Every time you trip and fall Let's go! You pick yourself up by my side

I choose you! ♪

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