This Probopass is a Rock/Steel-type Pokémon owned by Olivia.


Probopass was used in Ash's Grand Trial; it teamed up with Olivia's Lycanroc to battle Rowlet and Rockruff, the latter barking at Lycanroc. As Rowlet fired Leafage and Rockruff used Rock Throw, Lycanroc protected itself and Probopass with Rock Slide, allowing the latter to encase Ash's Pokémon with Stealth Rock. To counter, Rowlet took Rockruff in air and used Leafage on Probopass, hitting it. Probopass emitted Mini-Noses to stop the two and as Rockruff used Rock Throw to blow them away, the Mini-Nose exploded, causing the two to fall down. Next, Lycanroc jumped on the Mini-Noses to use Accelerock, while Probopass used Zap Cannon. Accelerock hit Rowlet, who fell down, and was the target for Zap Cannon, but Rockruff pushed a Mini-Nose away to Rowlet, causing the attack to be negated. Probopass had the Mini-Noses surround Rockruff and Rowlet, while Lycanroc used Continental Crush Z-Move. However, Rockruff and Rowlet avoided the attack, causing the Z-Move to crush the Stealth Rock instead. Probopass used Magnet Bomb, but Rowlet dodged the attack, ending up hurting Probopass instead. Probopass used Giga Impact to attack Rowlet, but the latter used Z-Move Bloom Doom, which defeated Probopass in an instant.[1]

Probopass appeared in Lillie's flashback when she recalled the strategy she used in Ash's Akala Island's Grand Trial.[2]

Known moves


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