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Oldale Town is a city located north of Littleroot Town and Route 101, east of Route 102 and south of Route 103. This is the first town the player character visits that has a Pokémon Center.

Poké Mart Merchandise

Here is the list of items sold in the Poké Mart in Oldale Town. The player character meets a famous person there.

Item Price Descriptions
Poké Balls $200 A tool for catching Pokémon.
Potion $300 Restores the HP of a Pokémon by 20 points.
Antidote $100 Heals a poisoned Pokémon.
Paralyze Heal $200 Heals a paralyzed Pokémon.
Awakening $250 Awakens a sleeping Pokémon.


Item Games Location/Method
Potion Sprite.png Potion R/S/E/OR/AS From the Poké Mart worker near the Route 101 entrance (×10ORAS)


Free Poké Mart's Goodies

When the player character visits the Poké Mart representative next to a house, he tells the them to follow him to the Poké Mart and tells him/her that they can buy goods from the Poké Mart. Finally, he gives the player character a promotional item, Potion.

The price for items at the Poké Marts is consistent at every shop across Hoenn.

Ruby-Sapphire Oldale Town 1.png

Blocked Route 102

Ruby-Sapphire Oldale Town 2.png The player character initially can't access Route 102 as it is blocked by a researcher sketching what he believes are footprints from rare Pokémon. To access it, they must go to Route 103 to defeat Prof. Birch's child and then come back to the place again. The researcher will step aside and say "I finished sketching the footprints of a rare Pokémon, but it turns out it was my own footprints".

The Pokémon Center

Pokémon Center-0.jpg

This Pokémon Center is located in Oldale Town. Here, the player character can heal their Pokémon if they are low on health or are fainted.


In other languages

Language Name
English Oldale Town
Spanish Pueblo Escaso
Italian Solarosa
French Rosyères
German Rosalstadt
Japanese コトキタウン
Korean 고도마을
Simplified Chinese 未白鎮
Traditional Chinese 古辰镇
Polish Miasto Oldale
Portuguese Cidade de Oldale
Russian Олдэйл Таун
Vietnamese Thị trấn Kotoki