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The Old Gateau is a type of item introduced in Generation IV. It is the Old Chateau's specialty.


Using an Old Gateau on a Pokémon heals all of its Status Effects, namely Poison, Burn, Paralysis, Freeze and Sleep, as well as Confusion.


Games Location
DPPt Old Chateau
BW Dragonspiral Tower, Royal Unova (Thursdays)
B2W2 Dragonspiral Tower, Royal Unova (Thursdays), Join Avenue, Pokéstar Studios
ORAS Trick House fifth puzzle (permanently missable)
Contest Hall (can be obtained from a fan after completing a Contest)
SMUSUM Pokémon Center Café (Thursdays), Festival Plaza
SWSH Battle Café
SWSHIoA Forest of Focus


  • In both English and Japanese, the Old Gateau is a pun to the location where it is from.
    • Gateau is French for "cake", meaning that in full English, this item is called an "Old Cake".
    • Its Japanese name is pronounced the same way as Old Chateau's Japanese name ((もり)洋館(ようかん)). Additionally, Old Gateau's Japanese name translates to "Forest Yōkan". Yōkan is a jelly made from red bean paste.