This Croconaw is a Water-type Pokémon owned by Officer Jenny.


During their travels through the Decolore Islands, Ash and his friends encountered a group of Water-type Pokémon who were stealing food from their ferry, with Croconaw as their leader. All four Pokémon in the so-called Pirate gang had been abandoned by their Trainers and were distrustful of humans. Ash battled Croconaw and Azumarill with Snivy and Pignite and won, forcing the pirates to hand over what they had stolen. Croconaw then led its friends to save a group of Darumaka that were being swept out to sea, and found it enjoyed rescuing others. As a result, the pirates joined up with Officer Jenny as a Water Rescue Squad.

Known moves

  • Using Hidden Power
  • Using Water Gun
  • Using Hydro Pump
  • Using Iron Tail

Voice actors

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