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Oblivious (どんかん Donkan) is an ability that will cause a Pokémon to not become attracted to another Pokémon. Also, Captivate won't work on a Pokémon with this ability. This ability was introduced in Generation III.


Pokédex Pokémon Sprite type Obtained
#079 Slowpoke 079.png Type Water.gifType Psychic.gif Natural
#080 Slowbro 080.png Type Water.gifType Psychic.gif Natural
#108 Lickitung 108.png Type Normal.gif Natural
#124 Jynx 124.png Type Ice.gifType Psychic.gif Natural
#199 Slowking 199.png Type Water.gifType Psychic.gif Natural
#220 Swinub 220.png Type Ice.gifType Ground.gif Natural
#221 Piloswine 221.png Type Ice.gifType Ground.gif Natural
#238 Smoochum 238.png Type Ice.gifType Psychic.gif Natural
#314 Illumise 314.png Type Bug.gif Natural
#320 Wailmer 320.png Type Water.gif Natural
#321 Wailord 321.png Type Water.gif Natural
#322 Numel 322.png Type Fire.gifType Ground.gif Natural
#339 Barboach 339.png Type Water.gifType Ground.gif Natural
#340 Whiscash 340.png Type Water.gifType Ground.gif Natural
#363 Spheal 363.png Type Ice.gifType Water.gif Dream World
#364 Sealeo 364.png Type Ice.gifType Water.gif Dream World
#365 Walrein 365.png Type Ice.gifType Water.gif Dream World
#463 Lickilicky 463.png Type Normal.gif Natural
#473 Mamoswine 473.png Type Ice.gifType Ground.gif Natural