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Oblivia is the region in which Pokémon Ranger: Guardian Signs takes place. It is a region filled with islands and ancient ruins. The region is know for being very peaceful. Unlike the other Pokémon Ranger regions, Fiore and Almia, it has only one Pokémon Ranger watching over the entire region due to its peaceful status.


Oblivia is an archipelago consisting of three main islands and several smaller ones.


Sabio's scheme

Ancient Oblivia was guarded by temple oracles wearing Steelhead Armor that could control Pokémon. These oracles built temples to honor Pokémon, notably the legendary Arceus. One day, unusual occurrences plagued the temples and the Steelhead oracles begin to use their power over Pokémon in order to control the world. A Pokémon Ranger brought from the future by a Celebi seeks to discover the reason for the Steelhead's behavior and teams up with people from the past, Tanvir and Kira, former temple guardians who abandoned their armor after discovered it's negative effects, and Ravio, the son of the head oracle Ellios who wears a special set of golden armor that grants immortality in addition to having power to control Pokémon. The Ranger discovers the Steelhead oracles are being controlled by Ellios, who has been using the Steelhead to gather from Pokémon to power an orb that gives his golden armor the power to control Arceus in order to use it's power to create a prosperous world. As the Ranger frees more and more temples and Steelhead from Ellios's control. Later, Ravio is captured by Ellios's aid, Sabios, who is revealed to be manipulating Ellios and the Steelhead with spells. Sabios attempts an ambush to get rid of the Ranger's interference, but it fails thanks to Celebi and the freed Steelhead captains and Ravio is freed, though Sabios escapes. Ellios, still unaware of Sabios's true motives, leaves to confront the Player himself and Sabios decides that Ellios has outlived his usefulness and steals the orb that was being used to control Arceus in order to construct a Flying Fortress to rule the world. After Elllios is defeated by the Ranger, Ravio reveals Sabios's deception and Ellios is brought to his sense. However, an enraged Arceus appears and Ellios stays behind to deal with him and teleports the Ranger and Ravio away. The Ranger returns and captures Arceus, soothing its rage, and Arceus disappears and releases Ellios, whose armor scatters itself across the region on its own power. Though Sabios disappears after the crisis is over, Ellios promises the people of the past with deal with the aftermath and the Ranger returns to the future.

The Hero of Oblivia

Some time after the Ranger from the future returns to their time, an evil ruler, in actuality Sabios, raises a flying fortress with the stolen orb's power and the Golden Armor. With the power of the fortress, the evil ruler brought disaster to the world and with the golden armor, took control of Articuno, Moltres, and Zapdos to create an impenetrable barrier around the fortress. However a Hero (implied to be Ravio) who could connect with the hearts of Pokémon opposed the evil ruler with the help of Raikou, Entei, Suicune, and Latios/Latias, using special emblems to summon them. Using the Rainbow Grail on the Rainbow Dais, the Hero summoned Ho-oh, who destroyed the barrier around the fortress and the evil ruler was defeated by the Hero. Both the golden armor and the fortress were lost to time, the legendary birds were put to sleep so their power couldn't be used to revive the flying fortress, and the Hero became a legend that was passed down through songs.

A researcher named Amun, began extensively researching the legends of Oblivia's past, accumulating a massive collection of books regarding the legend. Amun also discovered monuments regarding how to summon Latios/Latias and attached translation plates to them. Amun also visit the trial chambers in Rasp Cavern that led to the Rainbow Grail, but apparently could not pass the final trial.

Modern Oblivia

In time Oblivia became a peaceful region that became forgotten by the majority of the world. It was so peaceful, only a single area ranger was needed to watch over the region and became famous for its many ruins that attracted archeologists. However, that peace would soon be disrupted by a group known as the Societea. The leader of the Societea, Ed "The Thinker", who lived in Oblivia and worked as a doctor learned off the golden armor's powers of granting immortality and with his fellow members, found the armor along with control gauntlets and Steelhead Armor that can control Pokémon. They then formed the Pokémon Pinchers to find and awaken the sleeping legendary birds to revive the flying fortress and rule the world.

Guardian Signs

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Places of Interest


  • The names of the islands come from the seven solfège syllables of music notation, do, re, mi, fa, so, la, and ti.