Omega Alpha Adventure 1 (Episode 1) is the 2nd chapter of Pokémon Adventures: Volume 1 (ORAS).


Ruby gets visited by Latias and Latios, for they found some mysterious items. Meanwhile, as Ultima trains Steven, Sapphire and Emerald, Steven receives a call from his father, who reminds him to warn them of the new danger.

Chapter plot

A woman and her brother hears a sound, thinking it is Emerald. However, upon closer inspection, they see Ruby playing the Eon Flute. She recognizes him, though Ruby inspects her and realizes these are Latios and Latias. Latias tells her brother, Latios, Ruby is Emerald's friend, who fought at the Battle Frontier. Latios suspects something is in danger, since Ruby is here. Ruby mounts on Latios and they fly off, leaving Latias on the island. Latias asks Ruby does he have the item. Ruby confirms, revealing the Mega Ring, making Latios surprised the Pokémon and humans obtained such items at the same time.

Meanwhile, Steven, Sapphire and Emerald train Mumu, Chic and Sceptile, under the tutorship of Ultima. Ultima scolds them for attacking aimlessly, for they need to concentrate their attacks. She orders them to tell their Pokémon where, when, at which speed and angle they need to attack. Ultima stops the training, thinking Blaziken and Sceptile need to follow orders, though Swampert's trainer is not around. She informs them on top of that power there is the Mega Evolution, which can power up their Pokémon even further. She thinks their victories at the Battle Frontier were due to the other Pokédex Holders helping them. Sceptile uses Frenzy Plant, while Chic Blast Burn, making Ultima pleased they are finally doing it right.

Steven receives a call from his father, who is on S.S. Tidal with Captain Briney and Drake. Steven informs him of Ruby, Sapphire and Emerald, who fought at the Battle Frontier and resolved the clash between Groudon and Kyogre. He tells them Ruby is taking care of some business, while Emerald and Sapphire train. Mr. Stone asks his son did he tell them of the new threat. Steven denies, as he waits for Ruby, then he will show them the cave art. They log out. Briney tells Mr. Stone he has a reliable son, calling him "Joey". Mr. Stone thinks Steven is just the opposite, but Drake feels Steven is actually a leader, for he is calm in dire situations.

Mr. Stone shows Drake and Briney the cave art, revealing a drawing of Groudon and Kyogre. Mr. Stone shows there are glyphs of Alpha and Omega. However, he points at the third mark, Delta, wondering what it is about.




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