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This Blissey is a Normal-type Pokémon and is the evolved form of her Chansey. She only appears in the season three episode of Pokémon: The Johto Journeys, Ignorance is Blissey. Later, she appears again in all episodes of Pokémon: Sun & Moon.


The first Blissey shown was in the episode "Ignorance is Blissey" where after Ash, Brock and Misty found a Pokémon center in a town called Happy Town where they wanted to spend the night and get something to eat but instead of a Nurse Joy, they encountered a Blissey who agreed to let them in and feed them first. However, when she started caring a lot of food platters at once, Ash and the other all runs from Blissey, who is chasing them in order to give them the food. Ash was Unfortune to fall as he was splatted by the food while Brock and Misty were safe. During the odal, Blissey attempted to help Ash such as washing his back when he is cleaning himself, only to use a push broom rather than a rag on his back. Then as Ash is laying on the bed, Blissey attempted to dab a bit of alcohol to clean ash's back from his wound, only to see she place too much on a cotton and with one dab, caused as she scream in pain.

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Later when Ash and his friends are asleep, team rocket breaks in and attempts to steal food. Jessie runs into Blissey and they recognize each other. Jessie explains to James and Meowth that they were in nursing school together and became friends there.

Blissey noticed that Jessie and her friends were hungry and gives them some food, however they take all the food and Blissey gets in trouble. They see this and feel bad, so they drop the food and make sure Blissey is not in trouble by pretending to fight her.

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