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Notebook of the Heart is the third Japanese ending theme of the Sun & Moon series.





月は朝焼けに溶けて 時計はきょうを告げる

ぼくも もういかなきゃ 探し続けた未来へ

心の中にある まっさらなノート開いて

最初のページには夢を 最後のページには思い出を

きみは旅の途中 今を生きる命

温かい声がきこえる ぼくを呼ぶ声

English translation

The trail drenched by this morning's rain is basking in the sunshine

Traces of the days passed by the cloudless blue sky

The moon melts in the morning glow, the clock marks the coming of today

I have also set off for a future that I've been searching for

Open the blank notebook from the heart

Drafting dreams on the first page, logging memories on the last page

You are on a journey, living through today

A tender voice could be heard, calling out to me


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