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Northern Desert is a dungeon in Explorers of Time and Darkness and Explorers of Sky.

It is located at the southern end of the desert area on the Wonder Map


The player and their partner are sent here in search of Grovyle, who is, at that point, believed to be a wanted criminal and thief.

At the end of the dungeon is a series of quicksand pits. During the first visit, the player and their partner head back after reaching the quicksand, but they return the next day and jump in the quicksand, which leads to Quicksand Cave and the Underground Lake.

After the credits, the player can continue their journey in Quicksand Cave after completing Northern Desert.


Pokémon Floors Lv. Recr. Rate
MD Cubone.png Cubone 1F-7F 20 8.2%
MD Baltoy.png Baltoy 1F-7F 23 5.6%
MD Larvitar.png Larvitar 1F-8F 22 8.2%
MD Aron.png Aron 1F-8F 22 6.4%
MD Cacnea.png Cacnea 1F-8F 22 6.4%
MD Sandshrew.png Sandshrew 1F-15F 20 8.2%
MD Trapinch.png Trapinch 1F-15F 22 8.2%
MD Carnivine.png Carnivine 7F-15F 24 8.2%
MD Rhyhorn.png Rhyhorn 8F-15F 23 6.4%
MD Lairon.png Lairon 9F-15F 23 0.5%
MD Cacturne.png Cacturne 9F-15F 23 0.5%