Voice Cast & Working Crew:


Creator: Satoshi Tajiri

Cast (4Kids Dub)

NOTE: Prior to Season 6, when 4Kids built their own audio production studios, the series was dubbed at TAJ Productions.

Cast (Pokemon USA Dub)

NOTE: Seasons 9 and 10 were recorded at TAJ Productions. Season 11 and later are dubbed at DuArt Studios.

  • Sarah Natochenny - Ash (2006-present)/Ash's Mother (2006-present)/Dawn's Mother/Rhonda of Sinnoh Now!
  • Michele Knotz - May (2006-present)/Misty (2006-present)/Jessie (2006-present)/Nurse Joy (Season 9 - 13)/Chansey/Pokédex (Season 10 - 11)
  • Bill Rogers - Brock (2006-present)/Drew (2006-present)/Bonsly/Sudowoodo/Croagunk and Pokédex (Season 9)
  • Craig Blair - Tracey (Season 9-10)

In all cases, Ikue Ōtani has voiced Pikachu, except in several instances of the 4Kids dub, when Rachael Lillis voiced him. A number of 4Kids voice actors returned when DuArt took over as the dubbing studio for examples Rachael Lillis and Dan Green.

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