This Vigoroth is a normal-type Pokémon owned by Norman.


Norman and Vigoroth went to see Wally in Petalburg City.[1] He faced a Breloom, whom Vigoroth defeated with Focus Punch.[2] Eventually, Norman came to Slateport City with Vigoroth and overheard Captain Stern, Gabby and Ty talking about Team Magma admin's assault.[3] After finding a part in the sea, Norman surfed off on a motor with Vigoroth.[4]

Norman sent Vigoroth and Slaking in a Double Battle against Ruby's Mightyena and Delcatty, nicknamed as Nana and Kiki.[5] Since Ruby's Mumu started attacking with Mud Shot through the pipes, Vigoroth used Focus Punch to repel the attacks at Ruby.[6] Norman rode with Vigoroth on his motorcycle towards Fortree City.[7]

After meeting up with Norman, Wally recalled when Norman, with Vigoroth by his side, refused to train him.[8]

Known moves


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