No Guard is an ability introduced in Generation IV that allows all the user's and the foe's moves to never miss. This includes the semi-invulnerable turn of moves such as Dig, Fly and Skull Bash. It can also hit a Pokémon using Protect or Detect if the move has less than 100% accuracy. The lower the accuracy, the more likely that it will hit. Moves like Magical Leaf and Swift won't hit as they have perfect accuracy and One-hit KO moves like Sheer Cold will hit as they have terrible accuracy. Also, if a Pokémon with No Guard is at the front of the party, it increases the Wild Pokémon encounter rate.



Pokédex Pokémon Sprite Type
#066 Machop 066 Type Fighting
#067 Machoke 067 Type Fighting
#068 Machamp 068 Type Fighting
#679 Honedge 679 Type SteelType Ghost
#680 Doublade 680 Type SteelType Ghost


Pokédex Pokémon Sprite Type
#588 Karrablast 588 Type Bug
#622 Golett 622 Type GroundType Ghost
#623 Golurk 623 Type GroundType Ghost

Mega Evolution

Pokédex Pokémon Sprite Type
#018 Pidgeot 018M Type NormalType Flying


No Guard is similar to White Smoke and Quick Feet, as it changes the Wild Pokémon encounter rate.

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