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This Farfetch'd is a normal/flying-type Pokémon owned by Nini.


Farfetch'd, Nini's Smoochum, Clemont's Chespin and Serena's Pancham and Fennekin, caught by Team Rocket.

Pancham and Chespin, after annoying each other, ran off and bumped into Nini's Farfetch'd. Nini was angry, but Clemont and Serena apologized for the trouble. After hearing Serena was to become a Pokémon Performer, Nini showed one of her performances she was working on. Her Smoochum used Powder Snow, a snowy cloud, which Farfetch'd cut using Fury Cutter. Smoochum used Heart Stamp and Farfetch'd ended the performance with Fury Cutter. Nini proposed trading her Smoochum for Serena's Pancham, making Farfetch'd shocked. However, it was relieved when Serena declined. Team Rocket fooled the heroes and Nini into believing they offer lessons in choreography. Farfetch'd was one of the Pokémon Team Rocket caught, but was freed after Chespin and Pancham started attacking each other, causing the carriage to be dropped. Farfetch'd followed Serena's Fennekin, but was knocked out by Inkay's Psybeam. However, the heroes and Nini came and rescued their Pokémon.[1]

Farfetch'd winning the first race for Nini's answer.

During the Anistar City's Showcase, Nini used Farfetch'd in the first round. Farfetch'd ran off to grab a ball and deliver to Nini to let her answer the question. Nini answered the first question incorrectly, shocking Farfetch'd, how much it had to go for Nini to answer incorrectly. While Farfetch'd managed to deliver the balls, Serena was the first one to get three points, thus making Nini lose the round.[2]

Nini used her Farfetch'd in Couriway Town. In the first round, Farfetch'd helped Nini cut the berries for her Poké Puff. In the second round, Farfetch'd used Fury Cutter to slide Smoochum's Powder Snow and Heart Stamp for the free performance.[3]

Nini and Farfetch'd, along with Miette and Shauna, watched the finals, where Serena challenged Aria for the prestigious title of Kalos Queen.[4]

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