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|jname= ウツロイド Utsuroido
|gen=Generation VII
|dexalola={{tt|293|Sun & Moon}}/{{tt|391|Ultra Sun & Ultra Moon}}
|species=Parasite Pokémon
|metheight=1.2 m
|imweight=122.4 lbs
|metweight=55.5 kg
|ability=[[Beast Boost]]}}
{{Nihongo|Nihilego|ウツロイド|Utsuroido}} (codenamed UB-01 Symbiont) is a {{type|Rock}}/{{type|Poison}}-[[Types|type]] [[Pokémon]] introduced in [[Generation VII]]. It is an [[Ultra Beast]], one of the several species of Pokémon native to an alien dimension.
Nihilego's exact bodily functions are unknown, however, it is known to be somewhat parasitic in the sense that it's much stronger when it has a host. Its also not known what exactly its tissue is made of, but according to several official sources, it's said to be made up of a glass-like material that is flexible like a rubber. As such, it is a genderless Pokémon. It's very perplexing, but more may be revealed in future games.
===Natural abilities===
As implied by its title of Symbiont, Nihilego is specialized towards influencing other Pokémon to protect itself and its nests. It generates a neurotoxin that simultaneously gives those injected with it great power while reducing their inhibitions and sending them into an agitated, often violent state. The ultimate goal of this is for the infected Pokémon to attack and destroy any natural competitors for itself and the Nihilego. It is heavily implied that the violent behavior of other Ultra Beasts is due to acting under the influence of Nihilego venom.
Nihilego doesn't evolve.
==Game info==
===Game locations===
{{Game Locations
|type = Rock
|type2 = Poison
|sunmoon =[[Wela Volcano Park]]/[[Diglett's Tunnel]] (post-game side quest)
|smrarity =One|ultrasunultramoon = [[Ultra Deep Sea]]|usumrarity = One per visit}}
===Pokédex entries===
|type = Rock
|type2 = Poison
|gen = VII
|sun=One of several mysterious Ultra Beasts. People on the street report observing those infested by it suddenly becoming violent.
|moon=One of the Ultra Beasts. It’s unclear whether or not this Pokémon is sentient, but sometimes it can be observed behaving like a young girl.
|us=A life-form from another world, it was dubbed a UB and is thought to produce a strong neurotoxin.
|um=It appeared in this world from an Ultra Wormhole. Nihilego appears to be a parasite that lives by feeding on people and Pokémon.}}
====Standard form====
|type = rock
|type2 = poison
|HP = 109
|Attack = 53
|Defense = 47
|SpAtk = 127
|SpDef = 131
|Speed = 103}}
{{Movessetmid|1|[[Power Split]]|-|-|10|Psychic|Status}}
{{Movessetmid|1|[[Guard Split]]|-|-|10|Psychic|Status}}
{{Movessetmid|7|'''[[Clear Smog]]'''|50|-|15|Poison|Special}}
{{Movessetmid|29|[[Toxic Spikes]]|-|-|20|Poison|Status}}
{{Movessetmid|37|'''[[Power Gem]]'''|80|100|20|Rock|Special}}
{{Movessetmid|43|[[Mirror Coat]]|-|100|20|Psychic|Special}}
{{Movessetmid|47|'''[[Acid Spray]]'''|40|100|20|Poison|Special}}
{{Movessetmid|53|[[Venom Drench]]|-|100|20|Poison|Status}}
{{Movessetmid|59|[[Stealth Rock]]|-|-|20|Rock|Status}}
{{Movessetmid|67|[[Wonder Room]]|-|-|10|Psychic|Status}}
{{Movessetmid|73|'''[[Head Smash]]'''|150|80|5|Rock|Physical}}
{{Movessetend|type = Rock|type2 = Poison}}
====By TM====
{{Movestmmid|TM10|[[Hidden Power]]|60|100|15|Normal|Special}}
{{Movestmmid|TM16|[[Light Screen]]|-|-|30|Psychic|Status}}
{{Movestmmid|TM32|[[Double Team (move)|Double Team]]|-|-|15|Normal|Status}}
{{Movestmmid|TM34|'''[[Sludge Wave]]'''|95|100|10|Poison|Special}}
{{Movestmmid|TM36|'''[[Sludge Bomb]]'''|90|100|10|Poison|Special}}
{{Movestmmid|TM49|[[Echoed Voice]]|40|100|15|Normal|Special}}
{{Movestmmid|TM57|[[Charge Beam]]|50|90|10|Electric|Special}}
{{Movestmmid|TM59|[[Brutal Swing]]|60|100|20|Dark|Physical}}
{{Movestmmid|TM73|[[Thunder Wave]]|-|90|20|Electric|Physical}}
{{Movestmmid|TM84|'''[[Poison Jab]]'''|80|100|20|Poison|Physical}}
{{Movestmmid|TM86|[[Grass Knot]]|-|100|20|Grass|Special}}
{{Movestmmid|TM88|[[Sleep Talk]]|-|-|10|Normal|Status}}
{{Movestmmid|TM92|[[Trick Room]]|-|100|5|Psychic|Status}}
{{Movestmmid|TM99|[[Dazzling Gleam]]|80|100|10|Fairy|Special}}
|type = Rock
|type2 = Poison
|smspr = 793_Sprite.gif
|smsprs = 793_Sprite Shiny.gif
|VIIback =
|VIIbackf =
|VIIbacks =
|VIIbackfs = }}
*As Nihilego is said to be the one who actually caused [[Lusamine]] to become evil, Nihilego is the first Pokémon without a trainer who is an antagonist.
**It is also the first Pokémon to actually be fought as a trainer in the games after fusing with Lusamine.
*[[Lillie]]'s original appearance is based on Nihilego's appearance, as per request of her mother, [[Lusamine]].
*Despite being based on a jellyfish, it is weak to {{Type|Water}}-type attacks.
*Nihilego is the only Ultra Beast with a unique type combination that no other Ultra Beast or Pokémon has.
Nihilego is based on a jellyfish. Its mind-numbing poison may be based on the neurotoxin produced by the Portugese man-o-war.
Nihilego is a combination of "nihilist", a person who believes all life is meaningless and that there is no god, "ego", the mind space in which there is separation between consciousness and unconsciousness, and "geode", referring to its part {{type|Rock}} typing and its see-through appearance.
793Nihilego SM anime.png
793Nihilego Dream.png
Nihilego SM concept art.jpg
Ultra Beast Artwork.png
VS Lusamine 2 SM.png
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