This Zigzagoon is a normal-type Pokémon owned by Nicholai.


Nicholai was disguised as a Zigzagoon, trying to catch one, but was distracted by Max and Max, who were startled to see a "talking Zigzagoon" and have examined him. Nicholai battled May due to this and belittled her father, thinking he'll easily defeat Norman. This infuriated Max, who collected fruit to gather Zigzagoon, so Nicholai wouldn't be able to capture a single one. After Ash, May and Brock arrived, they tried to calm down Zigzagoon, but failed, since they were on Zigzagoon's territory, even refusing Brock's berries by using Sand Attack on him. Managing to calm down Zigzagoon, who were to attack the heroes for being on their territory, Nicholai chose a Zigzagoon to battle and sent Mudkip. Mudkip used Water Gun, but missed and got tackled by the Zigzagoon. Mudkip, however, repeated its attack and knocked Zigzagoon down. Nicholai threw a Poké Ball and managed to catch Zigzagoon. Since Team Rocket took Nicholai's Mudkip, Nicholai went after Team Rocket and managed to retrieve his Mudkip, while the Zigzagoon were digging a hole. Ash sent Taillow, who pierced Team Rocket's balloon, which fell in the hole Team Rocket was digging. After Team Rocket was defeated, Nicholai was impressed by Ash and started a battle, sending Zigzagoon against his Taillow.

Known moves

  • Using Tackle
  • Using Sand Attack
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