The Next Episode Preview (()(かい)()(こく)) is an anime segment that is shown at the end of every episode of almost every Japanese anime series. They are narrated by the characters of the series and often consist of commentary, reactions, and chatting between characters. They are usually translated and dubbed as well in most non-TV-edited English dubs of anime shows.

In Pokémon, they are 30 seconds long and are only featured in the original Japanese version and the few Asian dubs that are translated from it, such as the Korean and Chinese dubs, as in the English dub (and therefore most dubs around the world which translate from it), they are cut from every episode by The Pokémon Company International (TPCi), formerly known as Pokémon USA (PUSA), and 4Kids Entertainment. They are also cut from the Netflix versions of the episodes in Japan, however they are retained on Netflix in South Korea.

If the episode is aired as part of a one-hour special presentation or during a movie promotion, these previews will be removed and skipped on the original airing and by the official YouTube channels as the on-air marketing of the episodes will focus on both episodes collectively or the movie promoted. However, they are reinstated for reruns (such as on Kids Station and BS Japan), DVD and VHS releases, in dubs, and on on-demand services such as Hulu, Amazon Prime Video, and TV Tokyo's Ani TV.


Since Pokémon the Series: Black & White (with the exception of Sun & Moon), the episode previews always begin with opening sequences showing the main character presenting the segment. In rare instances such as the Battle Subway two-parter, "Lost at the Stamp Rally!", and "Iris VS Clair! The Road to Dragon Master!!", characters other than Ash will present the preview.

The openers in The Beginning and Gold and Silver were the Pokémon featured in the following episode's Dare da? segment with the text 「次回予告」. In the episodes using Pocket Monster TV, the opener was a transparent green box over the background of a Poké Ball saying 「次回予告」 and listing all the badges Ash has obtained thus far, with the ones he hasn't obtained having a black silhouette. In Ruby and Sapphire and Diamond and Pearl, the opener featured a legendary Pokémon at the beginning with the text 「次回予告」. Openings from Dare da?-era original series episodes are not listed here as they use the same background as the Dare da? segments used within the episodes themselves.

Series Characters Opening dialogue Image
Gold and Silver
None None
Advanced Generation
None None
Advanced Generation
None None
Advanced Generation
None None
Advanced Generation
None None
Diamond & Pearl
(Palkia, 4:3 episodes)
None None
Diamond & Pearl
(Palkia, 16:9 episodes)
None None
Black & White
(BW002-BW048, BW051-BW052,
Ash's Pikachu
(This is our next adventure!)

(Well now, this is the beginning of a new adventure!)
Next Episode Preview Opening BW Ash.png
Black & White
(BW049-BW050, BW053)
(This is our next stop, everyone!)
Next Episode Preview Opening BW Ingo Emmet.png
Black & White
Iris None Next Episode Preview Opening BW Iris.png
XY and XYZ Ash
Ash's Pikachu
(Well, let's head on together, everyone! To our next adventure!!)

(A new adventure: the Z saga! What will we do!?)
Next Episode Preview Opening XY.png
Pokémon Journeys Ash
Ash's Pikachu
(Well, on to our next adventure...
Let's go!)
Next Episode Preview Opening 2019.png

Title Cards

In Pokémon the Series: Ruby and Sapphire, Pokémon the Series: Diamond and Pearl, and Pokémon the Series: Black & White, the title cards in next episode previews have a focus on either of that region's legendary Pokémon which vary depending on the episode in the preview. This gag was removed in Pokémon the Series: XY. Title cards from the original series previews (The Beginning and Gold and Silver) are not listed here as they use the same background as the title cards used within the episodes themselves.

Series Image
Ruby and Sapphire
Ruby and Sapphire
Ruby and Sapphire
Ruby and Sapphire
Diamond and Pearl
(Dialga, 4:3 episodes)
Diamond and Pearl
(Giratina, 16:9 episodes)
Black & White
BW002 TC JA Preview.png
Black & White
BW016 TC JA Preview.png
XY and XYZ Next Episode Preview Title Card XY.png
Sun & Moon SM001 TC JA Preview.png
Journeys PJ002 TC JA Preview.png


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