New Bark Town is a location that was introduced in Generation II. This town is located in the south eastern Johto. The town is the player character's hometown in the Generation II games and their remakes. In the remakes, it is also home to the player character's friend, Ethan or Lyra (depending on the player character's gender).

New Bark Town is also a home to the lab of Proffesor Elm who possessess the starter Pokemon for Johto: Chikorita, Cyndaquil and Totodile


Located in the southeastern edge of the Johto region, New Bark Town is small, sparsely populated, and windy. The town has only four buildings, with the player character's house being on the east side and near the water. In Pokémon HeartGold and SoulSilver, the town also has four windmills, with each one being next to a corresponding house.


Owing to its few houses and tiny size, New Bark Town is home to only 15 people. As a result, it is the least populated place in the Johto region.



Pokémon HeartGold and SoulSilver versions.

The Beginning

The player begins in their room. When the player goes downstairs, they are given their Bag, Trainer Card, Save Menu and Options Menu by their mother who also asks the player to visit Professor Elm for a Pokémon. As player walks out, a Marill starts jumping in front of them who later walks away upon seeing their trainer (who is Lyra if player is male and Ethan if player is female). When player enters Professor Elm's Lab, they are asked by Professor Elm if the player would keep their pokemon out like Player's Counterpart (Ethan/Lyra) does. The player cannot deny. He later asks player to go to Mr. Pokémon's House with a starter pokemon.

When player will be on his way back to New Bark Town, the player will get a PokéGear call from Professor Elm. When player reaches New Bark Town again, they found that one of the starters is stolen (the one which has advantage over player's starter). Police Officer doubts if the Player is thief but player is supported by Ethan/ Lyra who tells that a boy with red hair did it. Player then gets to name the boy (rival).

Player then departs on their own journey and later has to visit New Bark Town for many occasions such as for showing the Hatched Togepi to Professor Elm (if successfully hatched), and to collect saved money from player's mother (if allowed her to).

When the Elite Four and Champion are defeated any time, the player begins from their room in New Bark Town again.




New Bark Town is shown to be quite a bit larger in the Pokemon Adventures Manga, including amenities such as a general hospital. It is a hometown to Gold. Being a resident of the "Poke-house" Gold has a local fame in the area even before he became a Pokedex holder.


In Don't Touch That 'dile, Ash and his friends arrived at New Bark Town after leaving Kanto.


  • It is the only starting town that doesn't connect to a Route ending in 1.


New Bark Town is derived from the fact that it is the starting point for the player, as well as a reference to the fact that all of Johto's towns are named after plants.

In other languages

Language Name
English New Bark Town
Spanish Pueblo Primavera
Italian Borgo Foglianova
French Bourg Geon
German Neuborkia
Japanese ワカバタウン
Korean 연두마을
Hindi न्यू बार्क शहर
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