Nascour is a character appearing in Pokemon Colosseum, who is the second-in-command of Cipher.


Nascour is a rather tall man that appears to wear a purple jumpsuit. Nascour's most distinguishing features are his white long hair and his red eyes.


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Nascour is first seen leaving the mayor's house in Phenac City. Nascour comments on Wes' strength and says he has a feeling they might meet again. Nascour's prediction is proven true as he and Wes battle in the final round of the Realgam Tower. After Nascour is beaten, it is revealed that he isn't the true leader of Cipher but his boss, Evice, is. After Evice is beaten by Wes, Nascour and Evice attempt to escape by a helicopter. However, Ho-Oh destroys their helicopter and eventually, Nascour and Evice are arrested at the end.


Realgam Tower


  • During the battle with Nascour, no theme song is played. Only the sounds of the crowd cheering is heard during the battle.
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