This Sunflora is a grass-type Pokémon owned by Nando.


Nando visited Eterna City's museum with Sunflora. However, the police halted the two, showing a picture of a Sunflora (who was actually Team Rocket's Meowth in disguise) stealing the Adamant Orb from the museum. After the heroes and Gardenia proved his innocence, they wandered around the museum, and found two suspicious policemen. Sunflora emitted a Leech Seed to stop them, but struck Officer Jenny instead. Sunflora went after them with Pikachu and Piplup, and confronted the policemen - Team Rocket in disguise - who were replacing their disguises with business outfits. To unmask them, Sunflora used Cut to reveal them to the heroes and the actual police force.[1]

Nando used Sunflora and Kricketune in a round of the Grand Festival, earning him a victory to advance to the next round.[2] Nando used Sunflora and Roserade, giving him a victory, to advance to the semi-final round.[3]

Known moves


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