This Lopunny is a normal-type Pokémon owned by Nando.


DP176 7

Loppuny and Zoey's Mismagius clashing.

As the first semi-finals battle began, Nando sent out Kricketune and Lopunny, as Zoey sent out her Leafeon and Mismagius. Leafeon uses Energy Ball and Mismagius Thunder Wave. Lopunny uses Jump Kick, which deflects the combo and Kricketune Bug Buzz. Bug Buzz weakened Leafeon, while Lopunny dances around, powered by the move. The gang saw Nando's combo was like a dancer and a musician on the stage. The Thunder Wave, combined with Energy Ball, came back, so Kricketune uses Bug Buzz to collide with it. Sprinkles emerged, making Lopunny jump to dazzle everyone. Zoey saw Nando was using his Gym battle experience. Mismagius and Leafeon used Double Team, to which illusions surround Kricketune and Lopunny. Lopunny uses Blizzard to banish the illusions, but this caused Mismagius and Leafeon to be in the spotlight. Leafeon used Leaf Blade, causing Lopunny's Focus Blast to be split and hit Lopunny herself. Kricketune used X-Scissor, so Mismagius uses Psywave. Lopunny got Kricketune to safety and launched it, which collided with Leaf Blade. Kricketune used Silver Wind and Lopunny Blizzard, which turned into snowflakes. Leafeon used Aerial Ace and Mismgaius Psywave, which caused Leafeon to have wings. Leafeon went to intercept it, but collided with Mismagius' Thunder Wave. Kricketune used X-Scissor and got into a collision with Leafeon. Time was up and with all the excited battle, Zoey lost less points and moved to the finals.[1]

Known moves

  • Using Focus Blast
  • Using Blizzard
  • Using Jump Kick
  • Using Protect

Voice actress


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