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This Naganadel is a Poison/Dragon-type Pokémon that was owned by Ash and was the fourth Pokémon he obtained in the Alola region.


When it was a Poipole, Naganadel was rather curious and mischievous. It likes to laugh at a lot of things. After it was caught, it became fast friends with Ash's Alola team and his classmate's other Pokémon. Poipole also has a habit of spinning on its head whenever it is excited and would tend to hug Pikachu by nuzzling him. Poipole is also very playful with other Pokémon. For example, it enjoyed interacting with an Alolan Exeggutor and its tail, which unintentionally caused it to send Ash rolling out from the Pokémon Center.

During a visit to Ula'ula Island for the preparation of Alolan Pokémon League Battle, Naganadel showed a serious side when it was surprised to notice Necrozma's existence on Earth, upon looking at one of the books from Acerola's library room. Naganadel, as a Poipole, would often use colored ink to draw pictures as a way of communication. Thanks to Mina's teaching, Naganadel's painting has improved to the point where it was able to foreshadow the incoming invasion of Necrozma to the rest of its friends.

It is very loyal towards its friends when it rescued Ash's Rowlet from being blown away in a sandstorm while traveling through the Haina Desert.

Naganadel began to show much more emotional moments, such as the tragic lifespans of Miniors, then eventually missing its leader, the older Naganadel and other Poipole. As shown when it was having a nightmare of its kind becoming endangered and scared within the dark Ultra Space, which is actually revealed to be its deserted home world due to the reason behind Necrozma's downfall upon losing its light.

After evolving, Naganadel became stronger and more powerful than it was as a Poipole. In doing so, it developed a more heroic side of its personality like when it arrived back in Alola to save Ash, Pikachu and Kukui from Guzzlord.

Despite having evolved into Naganadel, its behavior still the same as its pre-evolved form. Ever since its teammate, Melmetal, when it was a Meltan first participated in the official Pokémon tournament with their trainer, Naganadel was also happy with its newfound fame.



Naganadel took a quick liking to Ash after he protected it from Team Rocket and showed it how Poké Balls work. Also, Naganadel is very obedient to Ash and always follows his instructions, such as when he tells it to apologize for its misdeeds. Naganadel would go to Ash for comfort whenever it was feeling sad and enjoys spending time with him. When it decided to stay at its homeworld, Naganadel paints a painting with Ash and Pikachu as it shows how much it truly love its Trainer. Naganadel even considers Ash family and returned to help him in his time of need. Additionally, Naganadel was happy to battle alongside Ash and gave it's all for him. However, before leaving him again, Naganadel gave Ash a farewell and not only knows it might see him again one day but they'll always be friends no matter where they are.

Nagandel's teammates


Much like how Ash's Goodra took an instant liking to Pikachu and admire his strength, Nagandel instantly took a liking to him and admired his Electric-type moves. Nagandel enjoys painting Pikachu as he was its favorite subject for it. Also, Nagandel considers Pikachu a close friend and family. When it decided to stay at its home, Nagandel paints him and their Trainer to show its affection for them. Nagandel was inspired to learn an Electric-type move itself just like Pikachu. After reuniting with him, Nagandel happily embraced Pikachu. However, they had to say goodbye again but knows they'll always remain close till the end.


At first, Nagandel thought Rowlet was gonna hurt it and Pikachu as it poisoned him. However, after Pikachu explained to it that he's his teammate and friend, Nagandel realized its mistake and decided to set things right with Rowlet. When he was cured of his poison, Nagandel was able to hit off with Rowlet as they quickly became close friends. Also, Nagandel, as Poipole, mimicked Rowlet eating and slept with him inside their Trainer's backpack. Nagandel likes playing with Rowlet and would be there for him whenever he needed it. Despite being separated from each other, Nagandel will always remain close with Rowlet.


Nagandel is very good friends with Lycanroc as it does care about him and supports him, which was shown in their Trainers third Grand Trail battle. Also, Nagandel likes playing with Lycanroc and spending time with him. Although their apart, Nagandel and Lycanroc will always be friends.


Nagandel shares a very good relationship with Incineroar and likes being with him. When he teamed up for a battle royal, Nagandel cheered Incineroar on, which shows how much it cares for him. However, Nagandel and Incineroar went their separate ways but they'll always be friends no matter where they go.


Although they didn't get to spend a lot of time together, Nagandel and Melmetal were able to hit off a friendship with one another. While watching Ash train with it, Nagandel watched Melmetal spin as it was fantasied by it but it led it to become dizzy. However, after leaving it and their friends, Nagandel will never forget the new friend it made in Melmetal.


As Poipole

Prior to its time with Ash, Poipole used to live in a peaceful homeworld where it lived with its fellow Poipole and was lead by an elderly Naganadel. The legendary Pokémon, Necrozma, who also resided in that world and was in its Ultra form at the time, gave Poipole's land so much light that it helped flourish all plant life everywhere. Since Necrozma provides light for all the plants, Necrozma became Poipole and Naganadel's sole protector. But then, one fateful day, a meteorite threatened to destroy Poipole's world as it hurled downward from space. Necrozma protected Poipole's world from the meteorite, but at the cost of losing its light and turning into its black form. Necrozma fell into a deep crevice and encased itself into a spiky and crystallized cocoon. Due to Necrozma's black form and lack of light, all of the plants began to wither and Poipole's world plunged into darkness. Poipole and Naganadel huddled into a cave where there were still some remnants of light left. One of the Poipole decided to leave its home, hoping to find a better place to live.[1]

Poipole coming out of an Ultra Wormhole.

Poipole was first seen where it was traveling through the Ultra Wormhole.[2] Sooner or later, Poipole emerged from the wormhole in an unknown area and started to explore Alola. When Ash and the group serve as Ultra Guardians to capture Buzzwole, Poipole witnessed the battle and was astounded by Pikachu's Electric attacks. It was then seen playing around with Pikachu before leaving.[3]

Poipole playing at the ocean.

Later, Poipole was enjoying itself flying above the ocean during the night. While it was encountering a wild Chinchou, it recalled witnessing Ash's Pikachu using Thunderbolt attack on Buzzwole and decided to go looking for him, hoping to see Pikachu's electric moves again. Poipole went to the Pokémon School and while everyone was listening to Sophocles' lecture, it got Pikachu's attention and lured him out without anyone looking. Poipole shared an apple with Pikachu and began to show its affection for him. When Ash's Rowlet, who was sent to look for Pikachu, mistook Poipole's affections as if it was trying to hurt him, Poipole panicked when he dove down to attack it and used Toxic, which poisoned him. However, Poipole got scolded for what it did by Pikachu. Poipole apologized for what happened and assured Pikachu that it didn't know that Rowlet is one of his friends until now. Wanting to make things right with its new friends, Poipole offered to carry Rowlet and had Pikachu lead the way to the Pokémon school.[4]

Poipole joining Ash's Alolan team.

While traveling through Hau'oli City, Poipole, Rowlet and Pikachu were attacked by Team Rocket as they wanted to capture them. Luckily, Poipole, Pikachu and Rowlet were saved when the rest of its friends teammates, Torracat and Lycanroc, arrived just in time as they cut net before it could catch them. After Ash and Rotom arrived, Poipole was surprised and amazed that he saved them. After Bewear carries Team Rocket away from Pikachu's Thunderbolt, Poipole was taken to the Ultra Guardians base as it was happy that Rowlet was no longer poisoned. Popiple was given Pikachu affection then was picked up by Ash and he told it that his partner was saying it tickled. Hearing this, Poipole was amazed that Ash understood Pikachu and thanked him for saving it from Team Rocket earlier. Also, Popiple was present when Lusamine tells everyone about the photos Rotom took, since it was unable to recognize it, as they concluded that its in fact, an Ultra Beast, which Team Rocket had already confirmed earlier. They also told them that they chose Poipole as a name it should be identified as. After Rotom updates Poipole's data, Lusamine suggested to have Ash take care of it until they could figure out the location of the wormhole it came out from. Ash made many attempts to catch Poipole with a box full of Beast Balls, but it evaded all of them, thinking he was playing with it. Lillie suggested to have Ash demonstrate how going in and coming out of the Poké Ball works, which he did as he repeatedly sends out and recalls his Rowlet. After that, Poipole understood Ash's intentions and it went right into the last Beast Ball by itself, much to everyone's surprise, as it wanted to be with him along with its newfound friends. At night, Poipole is shown playing with Ash and his Pokémon at Professor Kukui's house and painted a picture of Pikachu on the wall with its liquid.[4]

Since it joined Ash's team, Poipole helped Ash and his classmates complete several Ultra Guardian missions and helped Ultra Beasts return home.[5][6][7]

Sometime later, Poipole traveled with Ash and Pikachu to the Hokulani Observatory on a class trip to learn about the lifecycle of Minior from Sophocles' cousin, Molayne. During the trip, they went outside to take a peak at the Minior shower near Starfall Hill. Poipole become fascinated by it due to the shimmering lights. However, Poipole discovered that one of the Minior didn't break out of its shell. So, Ash and Kiawe carried it back to the observatory. Poipole kept examining the Minior, until the next morning, the shell broke open to reveal an Orange Core Minior. Poipole tried to be friends with Minior, but it accidentally made it upset when it sprayed some of its liquid on it. Poipole realized its mistake and made it up by painting a picture of Minior on the wall with its liquid. Over the course of the day, Poipole and Minior had a wonderful time playing together and becoming friends. During the next night, another Minior shower came and Minior reunites with its kind. But as they start to float back up, they start to fade away into dust, since they can't live longer without its shell. The same fate happened to the Orange Core Minior, which made Poipole very sad. But it was comforted by Ash and Pikachu as they watch the Minior fade away. A few moments later, Poipole caught a glimpse of the legendary Pokémon, Rayquaza flying in the night sky.[8]

Later, Ash and Poipole encountered a trainer named Mina, who is painting pictures with her Ribombee. Mina reveals that Ribombee appears to have the ability to understand someone's emotions including Ultra Beasts. With Ribombee's help, Mina explained to Ash that the paintings Poipole makes is a way of Poipole expressing its emotions to others. She states that Poipole loves Ash and considers him, his classmates, their Pokémon, Professor Kukui, and Professor Burnett as its family. One night, Poipole had a nightmare that revolves in a place surrounded by darkness and filled with multiple sad Poipole as well as a dying Naganadel. The next day, Ash and his Pokémon began to notice Poipole feeling depressed and wondered what its problem is. So, Ash decides to find Mina and ask for her help. After defending Mina from Tupp, Rapp, and Zipp, she reveals to Ash and his classmates that Poipole is on a mysterious mission of some sort. Later that day, Poipole painted a picture that looks like Ultra Necrozma, which is a Pokémon Acerola mentioned back on Ula'ula Island and dubbed it as "The Blinding One."[9]

Poipole saying goodbye to Ash and friends.

At some point during the Alola crisis, Poipole, along with Naganadel and the rest of its kind, helped join everyone in sharing its light to restore Necrozma's original Ultra form. Afterwards, Poipole's homeworld flourished once again. But sadly, Naganadel informs Ash that Poipole wants to stay behind where it can protect its kind. Despite not taking this too well, Ash knew that Poipole had to stay for the best of its home world. He lets Poipole keep the Ultra Guardians tag to remind it of the times its been with Ash. As everyone departs back to Alola, Poipole drew one last picture of Ash and Pikachu before saying good-bye.[10]

As Naganadel

Naganadel being reunited with Ash and Pikachu.

Sometime before the Manalo Conference, Poipole evolved into Naganadel. When Guzzlord and its two shiny counterpart partners in-crime invaded the main universe in Alola, Naganadel immediately rushed back to help its old friends, where it reunited with Ash and Pikachu. It seized Guzzlord with its newly learned Thunderbolt attack. Together with Pikachu, Naganadel sent the Ultra Beast packing with their combined Gigavolt Havocs.[11]

Naganadel rejoining Ash's team.

After defeating Guzzlord, Nagandel officially rejoined Ash's team for his full battle in an exhibition match with Professor Kukui. Before his battle, Nagandel watched Ash's training with Melmetal, to which it got dizzy after watching them spin around.[12]

Nagandel vs Lucario at the Alola League exhibition match.

During the exhibition match, Nagandel was used to battle Professor Kukui's Lucario. Before they began their battle, Naganadel was happily enjoying being part of exhibition match between its trainer Ash and his opponent Professor Kukui, as it was ready to go up against Lucario.[13] During their battle, Naganadel was able to defeat Lucario before being recalled by its trainer.

Naganadel against Tapu Koko in their battle.

Ash later sent it back out to battle Tapu Koko, who had decided to join the battle as Kukui's final Pokémon.[14] Naganadel was managed to land some successful hits on the guardian deity, but was eventually defeated by Tapu Koko after several consecutive attacks. It was praised by Ash as he knew it battled hard before he continued his battle with Professor Kukui.[15]

Naganadel bidding farewell to Ash and Pikachu.

After helping Ash win a successful exhibition battle, Naganadel sensed an Ultra Wormhole above Kukui's house. Ash, realizing that Naganadel had other Poipole in its world to look after, decided to let it go back and bids it one final good-bye. As a sign of their friendship, Ash had Pikachu send off Naganadel with a Thunderbolt to enjoy for the final time before it flew into the wormhole and disappeared.[16]

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  1. ^ Mentioned in SM142: A Full Battle Bounty!

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  • Naganadel's capture marks the first time Ash caught a genderless Pokémon, followed by Melmetal. Coincidentally, both are the currently known main evolved genderless Pokémon who even also uses Electric-type moves outside Pikachu.
  • Naganadel is the first Ultra Beast owned by Ash.
  • Naganadel is the only Pokémon Ash released that can still evolve, which is eventually proven to be true upon its return.
  • As a member of the Ultra Guardians, despite being genderless, Naganadel wears a pendant that is commonly associated with male Pokémon members of the Ultra Guardians. This also occurs with Melmetal, while Shaymin wears a pendant associated with female Pokémon.
    • Naganadel is also the first known expanded Pokémon of the Ultra Guardians who is not one of its original founding Pokémon, followed by Lana's Eevee, Shaymin and Melmetal.
  • Naganadel is Ash's first Pokémon to evolve off-screen.
  • Naganadel is the second of Ash's released Pokémon to rejoin him temporarily, first being Goodra.
    • Coincidentally, they are both Dragon-type Pokémon.
  • Naganadel marks Ash's first capture of a Poison-type Pokémon that he still owns since his Muk, 21 years apart from being captured.
  • Naganadel is the only Pokémon under his care not to be staying at Professor Kukui's house with his other Pokémon.