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|jname=アーゴヨン Aagoyon
|gen=Generation VII
|species=Poison Pin Pokémon
|ability=[[Beast Boost]]
|evofrom = Poipole
|metheight=3.6 m
|imweight=330.7 lbs.
|metweight=150.0 kg
|color= Purple
|evo = [[File:803.png|link=Poipole]][[File:804.png]]}}
{{Nihongo|Naganadel|アーゴヨン|Aagoyon}} (codenamed UB Stinger) is a {{Type|Poison}}/{{Type|Dragon}}-type Pokémon from [[Generation VII]].
Naganadel's main stinger can eject a powerful, adhesive, and luminescent poison at a distance of over six miles. The abdomen contains hundreds of liters of this poison, as well as the Ultra Beast's brain. The stingers on its abdomen are directly connected to its brain, and it will react with violence if they are touched by anyone.<sup>[ <nowiki>[1]</nowiki>]</sup>
Naganadel is a large purple striped Pokémon that has both draconic and insectoid features. The top half of its body is slender with thin arms and fuchsia tipped claws. Both shoulders have grey spikes. Naganadel possess purple draconic wings, which it uses to fly. These wings have a single fuchsia claw at the joint and darker purple membranes. At the end of its long neck is its head, which has a large spiked crest and grey face spikes which act as mandibles when it opens its mouth. Its glowing cyan eyes are conjoined, giving the appearance of a visor. The lower half of its body is an abdomen that resembles a wasp's abdomen. There are three grey spikes on the end of the abdomen, with the middle one being the largest and resembling a hypodermic needle or a wasp's stinger.
Naganadel evolves from Poipole after learning [[Dragon Pulse]].{{Clear}}
==Game info==
===Game locations===
{{Game Locations
|ultrasunultramoon=Evolve Poipole
===Pokédex entries===
|us=It stores hundreds of liters of poisonous liquid inside its body. It is one of the organisms known as UBs.
|um=One kind of Ultra Beast, it fires a glowing, venomous liquid from its needles. This liquid is also immensely adhesive.}}
|type = Poison
|type2 = Dragon
|HP = 73
|Attack = 73
|Defense = 73
|SpAtk = 127
|SpDef = 73
|Speed = 121}}
{{Movessettop|type = Poison|type2 = Dragon|gen=VII}}
{{Movessetmid|1|'''[[Dragon Pulse]]'''|85|100|10|Dragon|Special}}
{{Movessetmid|1|[[Helping Hand]]|—||20|Normal|Status}}
{{Movessetmid|1|[[Air Cutter]]|60|95|25|Flying|Special}}
{{Movessetmid|7|[[Fury Attack]]|15|85|20|Normal|Physical}}
{{Movessetmid|23|[[Venom Drench]]|—|100|20|Poison|Status}}
{{Movessetmid|31|[[Nasty Plot]]|—|—|20|Dark|Status}}
{{Movessetmid|37|'''[[Poison Jab]]'''|80|100|20|Poison|Physical}}
{{Movessetmid|47|[[Fell Stinger]]|50|100|25|Bug|Physical}}
{{Movessetmid|53|[[Air Slash]]|75|95|15|Flying|Special}}
{{Movessetmid|61|'''[[Dragon Pulse]]'''|85|100|10|Dragon|Special}}
{{Movessetend|type = Poison|type2 = Dragon}}
====By TM====
{{Movestmmid|TM02|'''[[Dragon Claw]]'''|80|100|15|Dragon|Physical}}
{{Movestmmid|TM10|[[Hidden Power]]|60|100|15|Normal|Special}}
{{Movestmmid|TM15|[[Hyper Beam]]|150|90|5|Normal|Special}}
{{Movestmmid|TM28|[[Leech Life]]|80|100|10|Bug|Physical}}
{{Movestmmid|TM32|[[Double Team]]|—|—|15|Normal|Status}}
{{Movestmmid|TM34|'''[[Sludge Wave]]'''|95|100|10|Poison|Special}}
{{Movestmmid|TM36|'''[[Sludge Bomb]]'''|80|100|10|Poison|Special}}
{{Movestmmid|TM38|[[Fire Blast]]|80|100|5|Fire|Special}}
{{Movestmmid|TM40|[[Aerial Ace]]|80|100|20|Flying|Physical}}
{{Movestmmid|TM49|[[Echoed Voice]]|40|100|15|Normal|Special}}
{{Movestmmid|TM58|[[Sky Drop]]|60|100|10|Flying|Physical}}
{{Movestmmid|TM65|[[Shadow Claw]]|70|100|15|Ghost|Special}}
{{Movestmmid|TM67|[[Smart Strike]]|70|—|15|Steel|Physical}}
{{Movestmmid|TM82|'''[[Dragon Tail]]'''|60|90|10|Dragon|Physical}}
{{Movestmmid|TM84|'''[[Poison Jab]]'''|80|100|20|Poison|Physical}}
{{Movestmmid|TM88|[[Sleep Talk]]|—|—|10|Normal|Status}}
{{Movestmmid|TM97|[[Dark Pulse]]|80|100|15|Dark|Special}}
{{Movessetend|type = Poison|type2=Dragon}}
|type = {{Poison}}
|type2 = {{Dragon}}
|usumspr = Naganadel USUM.gif
|VIIback = 804B.gif
|usumsprf = Naganadel Shiny USUM.gif
|VIIbackfs = 804BS.gif}}
*Naganadel is the first known Ultra Beast to have an evolutionary line.
*Naganadel shares its species with [[Nidoran]], both being the Poison Pin Pokémon.
*A mistake was made in the trailer for Naganadel where it was shown being sent out in a [[Beast Ball]]. This is not possible since its pre-evolution, [[Poipole]], is only obtainable in a normal [[Poké Ball]].
*Naganadel and Dragalge share some similarities:
**They are both the only {{Type|Poison}}/{{Type|Dragon}}.
**They are both the final evolution of a two-part evolutionary line.
**They both can learn [[Draco Meteor]], [[Dragon Pulse]], [[Gunk Shot]], [[Iron Tail]], [[Outrage]], [[Shock Wave]] and [[Snore]] through move tutor.
Naganadel is based off of a dragon. It also resembles insects such as bees, wasps and tarantula hawks.
Naganadel comes from ''Nāga'' (an ancient snake/cobra that spit dangerous poison, as well as an Indonesian/Malaysian name for dragon) and ''Nadel ''(German for needle).
Its Japanese name, '''Agoyon''', is a mix of 顎 ''ago'' (jaw), ''ago'' (Italian for needle), ''dragon'' and 용 ''yong'' (Korean for dragon).
804Naganadel SM Anime.png
804Naganadel Dream.png
Naganadel concept art.png
{{Legendary and Mythical}}{{GenVIInav}}{{Family|[[File:803.png|link=Poipole]][[File:804.png]]}}{{PokémonPrevNext|prev=Poipole|next=Stakataka}}
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