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Mystifying Forest is the first post-game dungeon in Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of Time, Darkness and Sky. The Luminous Spring, where the player can evolve Pokémon, is located here.


Mystifying Forest is where the player and their partner completes their gradution exam, in which they should dscover the Luminous Spring and get the treasure there. However, there is said to be a vicious "grand master of all things bad" living there.

At Mystifying Forest Clearing, the player and their partner fall into a trap, apparently being set up by the "grand master". As the "grand master" and his "minions" appear from the dark and are ready to attack the player and their partner, thanks to Bidoof removing the cover, the pit is lit up, revealing the "grand master" being Wigglytuff himself and the "minions" being the rest of the guild members. Despite being revealed, the "grand master" and his "minions" still engages in a battle against the player's side.

Upon being defeated by the player, the "grand master" and his "minions" quickly escape from the pit. Confused, the partner suggest to go ahead to the Luminous Spring.


Mystifying Forest

No Pokémon can be recruited during the first visit. Celebi is exclusive to Explorers of Time and Sky.

Pokémon Floors Lv. Recr. Rate
MD Bulbasaur.png Bulbasaur 1F-13F 5 8.2%
MD Ivysaur.png Ivysaur 1F-13F 40 -10%
MD Metapod.png Metapod 1F-13F 40 -10%
MD Rattata.png Rattata 1F-13F 13 8.2%
MD Raticate.png Raticate 1F-13F 42 -4.5%
MD Spearow.png Spearow 1F-13F 12 8.2%
MD Nidoran♀.png Nidoran♀ 1F-13F 40 8.2%
MD Nidoran♂.png Nidoran♂ 1F-13F 40 8.2%
MD Venonat.png Venonat 1F-13F 12 8.2%
MD Bellsprout.png Bellsprout 1F-13F 15 8.2%
MD Weepinbell.png Weepinbell 1F-13F 40 -10%
MD Exeggcute.png Exeggcute 1F-13F 10 6%
MD Koffing.png Koffing 1F-13F 10 6.4%
MD Scyther.png Scyther 1F-13F 20 8.2%
MD Eevee.png Eevee 1F-13F 9 8.2%
MD Chikorita.png Chikorita 1F-13F 5 8.2%
MD Bayleef.png Bayleef 1F-13F 38 -10%
MD Aipom.png Aipom 1F-13F 14 6.4%
MD Teddiursa.png Teddiursa 1F-13F 15 8.2%
MD Wurmple.png Wurmple 1F-13F 15 6.4%
MD Seedot.png Seedot 1F-13F 8 8.2%
MD Nuzleaf.png Nuzleaf 1F-13F 11 0.5%
MD Roselia.png Roselia 1F-13F 40 6.4%
MD Gulpin.png Gulpin 1F-13F 10 6.9%
MD Flygon.png Flygon 1F-13F 40 -12%
MD Turtwig.png Turtwig 1F-13F 5 8.2%
MD Grotle.png Grotle 1F-13F 38 -10%
MD Torterra.png Torterra 1F-13F 40 -12%
MD Bidoof.png Bidoof 1F-13F 10 8.2%
MD Stunky.png Stunky 1F-13F 13 8.2%
MD Skuntank.png Skuntank 1F-13F 40 0.5%
MD Munchlax.png Munchlax 1F-13F 5 8.2%
MD Kricketot.png Kricketot 3F-8F 8 8.2%
MD Celebi.png Celebi 10F 44 20%
MD Darkrai.png Darkrai 13F 53 -22%

Mystifying Forest Clearing

Pokémon Floors Lv. Recr. Rate
MD Wigglytuff.png Wigglytuff Pit 50 Unrecruitable
MD Chatot.png Chatot Pit 45 Unrecruitable
MD Chimecho.png Chimecho Pit 35 Unrecruitable
MD Croagunk.png Croagunk Pit 35 Unrecruitable
MD Corphish.png Corphish Pit 35 Unrecruitable
MD Diglett.png Diglett Pit 35 Unrecruitable
MD Dugtrio.png Dugtrio Pit 35 Unrecruitable
MD Loudred.png Loudred Pit 35 Unrecruitable
MD Sunflora.png Sunflora Pit 35 Unrecruitable
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