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Red at the summit of Mt. Silver.

Mt. Silver is a mountain in the northeast region of Johto, located west of Victory Road and the Indigo Plateau. It can be accessed via Kanto Route 28.

It is where many high-level, wild Pokémon live, and since the area is so dangerous, it's off-limits to most Trainers. However, if one can prove that they are skilled enough and have earned sixteen Gym badges (the eight badges of Johto and Kanto respectively), Professor Oak will give them not just permission to travel to Mt. Silver but to explore the cave as well.

In Pokémon Gold, Silver, and Crystal, the route to Mt. Silver is rough and no HMs are required to reach it, allowing the player to travel through the grassy area before they reach the Pokémon Center just outside the entrance to Mt. Silver.

Inside, the cave itself is completely engulfed in darkness, requiring Flash to be used so that the player can see the first room. Many Pokémon live in the cave, including rare ones that are not seen anywhere else in Johto, such as Larvitar and Misdreavus.

Unlike other caves in Pokémon Gold, Silver, and Crystal, the cave has only one entrance/exit, but it goes deep into the mountain. Once the player has reached the final room, they will meet Red, the former Kanto Pokemon League champion, who will silently challenge them to a battle. Red's team consists of Pikachu, Snorlax, Venusaur, Blastoise, Charizard, and Espeon. When defeated, Red will react to his loss with surprise before disappearing.

In Pokémon HeartGold and SoulSilver, Mt. Silver has undergone a huge change, and is shown to be much larger than in Pokémon Gold, Silver, and Crystal. Flash is no longer required, but Rock Climb is needed to access the higher levels, and the player is often required to venture to the slopes of the side of the mountain so they can climb higher.

Once the player reaches the summit, they can challenge Red, just like in Gold, Silver, and Crystal. However, unlike those games, the heavy snowfall on the mountain becomes the Hail weather condition in battle, and deals damage to every Pokémon except Ice-types (Hail will not begin to fall during the battle if Red is fought on days where Diamond Dust is active). Red's team is almost the same as his team in Gold, Silver, and Crystal. The only difference is him having a Lapras instead of an Espeon. Just like in the original Johto games, Red will be surprised about his defeat, and then disappear. He will reappear if the player has beaten the Elite Four and Champion in a rematch.

Red isn't the only thing you can find hidden away on the mountain. Moltres also resides in Mount Silver, and in order to find Moltres, you'll need Pokémon that can use Rock Climb and Waterfall.


HeartGold and SoulSilver

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Main Series

In the anime, Ash, Misty, and Brock travelled to Mt. Silver to drop off Larvitar and enter the Johto League Silver Conference, which was at the foot of the mountain. At the mountain, a mother Tyranitar was once attacked by the Pokémon Poacher Brothers, who stole her egg, but Tyranitar was eventually reunited with her child.

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