For other variants of Gastly belonging to Morty, see Morty's Gastly.

This Gastly is a ghost/poison-type Pokémon owned by Morty.


Gastly was the first Pokémon Morty sent out for his Gym Battle with Ash. Noctowl started off with Hypnosis, but missed. Ash's Noctowl's used Foresight, which revealed Gastly. Noctowl tried tackling it, but Gastly evaded and used Lick. Ash swapped Noctowl with Pikachu, who used Quick Attack and Thunderbolt, which hit Gastly. Gastly retaliated and defeated Pikachu with a single Night Shade attack. For his third Pokémon, Ash sent Cyndaquil, who fired a Flamethrower. Gastly avoided the attack and used Night Shade. Cyndaquil dodged the attack, including Lick, then climbed atop its tongue to defeat Gastly with Tackle.[1]

Known moves

  • Using Lick

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