This Gligar is a ground/flying-type Pokémon owned by Morrison.


Gligar first appeared along with Morrison's other Pokémon as they are being introduced to Ash and his friends.[1] Morrison used it in a Double Battle along with his Gligar against Gavin and his Marowak and Machamp in the Ever Grande Conference. Growlithe went to use Take Down, to which Marowak retaliated with Headbutt. As Gligar went to help Growlithe, Machamp went to use Cross Chop. Growlithe then fired a Flamethrower, which Marowak deflected by spinning its bone club. Machamp then used Dynamic Punch to inflict heavy damage to Gligar, followed with a Cross Chop, to which Gligar knocked Machamp down with Steel Wing.

Marowak, however, fired Bone Club at Growlithe, who fired Flamethrower. Marowak endured the attack as it charged with Headbutt, then used Ice Beam to strike Growlite's leg. With Growlithe immobilized, Marowak used a Bone Club to hit it. Gligar fought with Machamp, and exchanged blows. Marowak threw a Bonemerang, to which Growlithe used Flamethrower to hit both Marowak and Machamp. Gligar attacked Machamp with Steel Wing, avoiding its Dynamic Punch, and defeated it with Guillotine. Marowak used its Bone Club, evading Growlithe's Flamethrower and defeating it. Gligar went to defeat Marowak with Guillotine, but missed. As Marowak didn't score a hit with Headbutt, it froze Gligar a bit with Ice Beam, then fired a Bonemerang. Gligar was badly hurt, and just as it endured a Bone Club, it used Iron Tail, bashing Marowak away and defeating it.[2]

After a day of hard training with Ash, Morrison laid on grass with his Pokémon, including Gligar, to rest a bit.[3] When his Steelix was defeated, Morrison sent Gligar to battle Ash's Grovyle. Gligar evaded Grovyle's Quick Attack, to which Gligar went to use Steel Wing. Grovyle hid in the grass, thus avoiding the attack, and emerged to fire Bullet Seed on Gligar, scoring a hit. Gligar went to use Steel Wing, to which Grovyle hid in the grass again, only to jump on Gligar to execute Leaf Blade. High in the sky, Gligar shook Grovyle off (causing it to fall down), evading its Bullet Seed and executing Guillotine to defeat it in one attack. Ash then sent Swellow, using Double Team to evade its Guillotine. It then used Peck, which Gligar countered with Iron Tail. Swellow went to use Quick Attack to evade it, but was struck with Hidden Power. The two sides then used Steel Wing and Aerial Ace, and repeated these attacks until they defeated each other.[4]

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