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Mohn is a character appearing in Pokémon the Series.


Mohn has blond hair and a hair design similar to Gladion's.


Mohn is a caring, loving father and husband to his family. He was also described as a bit of a hothead, due to forgetting certain obligations.


When Mohn was a young man, he moved to Alola to do his research on Ultra Wormholes. He took his time to used to battle Hala's Hariyama using his Zoroark. Hala was impressed with Mohn's brilliant tactics in that battle. Recognizing Mohn as a great trainer, Hala gave him a Z-Ring.[1] Mohn was a very passionate trainer, who would often train for a very long time to prepare himself for the battle. It was why he nearly missed his wedding ceremony with Lusamine.[2]

Mohn encounters the inactive Magearna.

One day, Mohn passed by an antique store, and found an inactive Magearna at an antique store. Thinking it was made by scientists to protect a princess of a far-away land, Mohn thought of his little princess, baby Lillie, and took Magearna with him, but was unable to activate it. Still, he took notes of Magearna, and drew pictures of how it could play with Lillie.[1] When he was young, Gladion was pet on his head by Mohn. Gladion remembered this as his sole memory of his father,[3] who cared about his family, as he kept a photo frame of his family in the secret room in the mansion.[1] In fact, Mohn thanked Gladion for informing Lusamine his mother that their little baby princess, Lillie, was crying. Gladion was happy for the compliment, while Lusamine and Mohn comforted Lillie, cheering her up. Mohn also lifted Gladion up to see Lillie smiling, to remember the moment as the time they were a united family, with their Pokémon Eevee and Zoroark.[4]

Mohn disappears through the portal.

Mohn was trying to awaken Magearna, with baby Lillie by his side. He wanted Magearna to be Lillie's friend, and watch over her. He had Lillie meet Magearna, and the former was fascinated by Magearna's appearance. In that moment, baby Lillie started to walk. In that moment, Gladion and Lusamine entered Mohn's room. The two were fascinated to see baby Lillie being able to walk, and Mohn mentioined she just learned how to do that. While Lusamine was disappointed not being on time to see how she did that, Gladion and Mohn nevertheless praised baby Lillie.[5] Mohn also led the research team in Aether Foundation, consisting of his wife, Lusamine, as well as Wicke and Faba. One day, however, while studying Ultra Wormholes, Mohn was pulled into the Ultra Wormhole. Faba and Wicke held Lusamine back to prevent more casualties, and Mohn was believed to have passed away in that incident.[1] However, Mohn was miraculously saved by a shiny Nihilego. It took him to the Crown Tundra in the Galar region where it treated him and healed him until he was all better. But even though he recuperated from his fall, the impact upon being saved by Nihilego gave Mohn amnesia. Therefore, it led him to forget who his real family is and mistakenly believing the Ultra Beast to be his daughter. The Nihilego, who finally had a friend, covered up all of the windows, made them dirty and hid both his old clothes and a mirror to prevent him from realizing who he was. The ploy worked, as Mohn continued to believe that the Ultra Beast was his own daughter without any suspicison.[6]

Pokémon the Series: Sun & Moon

Mohn appeared in a photo frame, in which his bride, Lusamine, were portrayed in.[1][3][7]

Tapu Fini, who could contact the spirits of those passed away, did not summon Mohn, and Gladion was told that his father was actually alive. Thus, he went to Aether Paradise, where he shared the good news with his mother.[1] When Gladion sent Mohn's Zoroark, he called upon his father's strength to guide him in this battle.[2]

As Magearna was awakened, it shot a purple beam to a direction. It pointed to Mohn's picture to Lillie and Gladion, who realized that Magearna knew where Mohn was located; together with their mother, Lillie and Gladion went on a journey to find Mohn.[8]

Pokémon Journeys: The Series

Mohn's family, with an unexpected help from their old friends Ash Ketchum and his new friends Goh and Chloe Cerise finally finds an amnesiac Mohn at Crown Tundra, Galar, and attempt to help him recover his memories. While the Nihilego was initially overprotective, fearing that Mohn would leave, Lillie instead thanked it for protecting and saving her father. Mohn finally regained his memories when his family showed him his clothes and reflection. Mohn was not angered by the Ultra Beast's deception and allowed it to join his family, having Gladion act as its primary owner.[6]

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With Mohn's return, every Alola resident celebrated his return with a welcoming party right before the exhibition match at Battle Royal Dome on the next day where Gladion participate with Ash, with the latter prepare himself for a Master Class Championship at World Coronation Series.[9]


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