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This Krabby is a water-type Pokémon owned by Misty.


Red, who accidentally switched his Pokémon with Blue, managed to catch a Diglett and Krabby.[1] Encountering the Eevee he was supposed to catch, Red sent Krabby. However, Eevee switched into a Jolteon and electrocuted Krabby, defeating it.[2]

Red, Poliwrath and Krabby dived into the sea near Seafoam Islands to find an HM to teach Surf. However, a Dragonite used its tail and knocked them all out.[3] Misty came with her Gyarados and helped Red reach Seafoam Islands. Since Gyarados knew Surf, Misty traded it with Red's Krabby.[4]

Being hurt from the rubble that fell on her, Misty had Krabby use Crabhammer and Vice Grip to free her from the rubble.[5] As Misty sent Starmie to signalize in the sky, a Haunter tried to attack Starmie with a rock. Misty's Krabby used Guillotine to crush the rock and continue fighting.[6] With Lance's downfall, Misty and Krabby watched as the light from Yellow and Pika's Megavolt caused the area around the city to bloom with flowers, restoring it with life.[7]

Known moves